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The Trendy Jacket Shop: 10 Jackets You Need for a Fashionable Fall Season!

Your outerwear choice has the power to take your everyday look to the next level and kick off your seasonal style the right way. Whether it's a simple light layer or a jacket with utility, we have compiled the perfect list of trendy jackets to shop. Check out the 10 jackets you need for a fashionable Fall season! Shop our favorite styles here! ...
Reformation $248

12 Hip & Sexy DressesTo Make A Statement This Season!

Disclaimer on Models Ages. We curate photos from vendors sites for you and sadly the models they use are not even 50. However, we think these outfits are great for our BA50s. So please do not take offense. Whether you're headed to a family party, wedding event, or whatever occasion requires a dress, we have compiled a list of the perfect fashion forward dresses that will have you feeling hip and confident. Add your favorite jewelry or a classic heel, but don't worry too much about accessorizing. These dresses will steal all the attention on their own. Here are 12 hip & sexy dresses to serve a fabulous look this season! ...
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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale: Cool Shorts, Workout Gear, High-End Denim & More!

We have compiled a list of new & fabulous items that are just some of the many fashionable clothes, shoes, etc to be shopping from this sale. There is no better time to update your workout gear, splurge on a new go-to pair of jeans, or restock your wardrobe basics! Check out some of these amazing deals right here from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! ...