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Tom Brady

An Ode to Tom Brady and Super Bowl Fandom

Professional football has given this only girl, sandwiched between an older and younger brother, something to talk about with my father and brothers. It was Monday, February 6, 2017, and my beloved New England Patriots had just made the greatest comeback in sports history to beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.  My flying companion and I had watched highlights of the game on ESPN the entire flight. The night before, as Tom Brady skillfully started picking away at the Patriot’s deficit, I felt a physical transformation....

What You Can’t Ask Your Adult Daughter About Dating

“I’ll tell you but promise you won’t be weird.” “I won’t be weird. I’m never weird.” “Oh my God mom, you’re always weird about this stuff.” Nikki’s younger sister Lulu piped in. “What do you mean? You guys never tell me anything so how can I be weird about it?” “That’s why we don’t tell you. Because you’re weird.” “Well, I’m not promising anything. I’m your mom and if I want to be weird about it, I’ll be weird. Now do tell!” ...

Move Over You’re Sitting too Close to Me

“Why is she sitting so close to me?” I think, as I feel my heart rate going up. “If I stretch my legs a bit, maybe she’ll scooch over.” “It’s fine. We are outside, on a boat – the air is constantly moving.” “Let it go, Karen. She is staying at your house and that’s indoors.” Yes, this is my internal dialogue on almost a constant basis. Obsessively analyzing the situation, calculating six feet, looking at air flow and wind direction....
Karen Philip

Karen Philip

Karen Philip is a mother of girls, co-owner of P.S. Designs Event Planning, recovering attorney, entrepreneur, and aspiring blog writer.