Karen Blessing

Karen Blessing

Welcome to my attempt at blogging. I’m Karen, a Bostonian (former and at ❤ ) , now living in the Midwest. I've been a Director of Social Service, a Retail Buyer, a Stay-At-Home-Mom to two boys and am now hanging on the precipice of being an empty-nester.

I’ve been married for . . . well . . . many years. Hubs is from New England as well. We moved to the Midwest 10 days after we got married due to a job offer. I thought we were moving away for just a few years, but I now find myself with children who were born and raised here.

Since I spend so much time on this blog complaining about . . . I mean speaking with love about my kids, it would help just to know the basics.

My older son made it through high school kicking and screaming and went to college an hour away. He is currently taking time off trying to make a decision about a major. I ALMOST had an empty nest.

My younger son is just a year behind his brother and graduated having kicked high school's butt. He's now at college 700 miles away.
My boys are opposites, for which I am eternally grateful, I’m barely surviving one of each.