Julie Newburg


My Dog’s Spirit Animal

I was screaming at Siri who had conveniently decided to stop talking to me while I was lost on one of the busiest highways outside of Boston. That’s why I declined my daughter’s call when it came through the first time. When she immediately called back, All I heard was, “MOM DON'T HANG UP!” My first thought was I am such a bad mother that my daughter would actually say that to me. It was followed by my daughter’s hysterical sobbing, “Lucy ran away and may have been hit by a car....
Female feet on the scales with inscription help

The Lie That I Had To Face About Myself

There was absolutely no way I was going to state my weight in front of my husband, the pilot and 6 other passengers, but the truth was that I didn’t know what I weighed because I hadn’t stepped on a scale in two years. I was rattled because the stakes were so high. I needed to pick a number that was as large as I thought I looked because I didn’t want to bring the plane down....
Julie Newburg

Julie Newburg

Julie Newburg is a nonprofit executive and aspiring writer who lives north of Boston with her family.