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Holiday FOMO at 60

Holiday FOMO at 60

f you think about it, the holiday season is 2 weeks more than a long vacation. There is never enough time to see and do everything that this time of the year has to offer. My younger self tried to live up to my own expectations of what Christmas should be, perfect gifts under the tree. I was absorbed in collecting, spending my time in malls rather than planning fun experiences, which led to terrible holiday FOMO. This year I’m trying to be wiser. I told my family, “Give me your Wanderlust List. Things you would never buy yourself but would love to have for travel.” Theming the gift giving helped narrow down the length of my shopping, allowing me more time to check off items on my holiday FOMO priority list....

We Went To The Vigil In Highland Park

The roll of Scottish drums began as we walked up to the vigil in Highland Park. The solem tune of Amazing Grace blew through the bagpipes as a member of the SWAT team stood right in front of us holding his rifle. His eyes scanned the crowd above our heads as we stood there motionless listening to the speakers. Next to us stood a woman with an adorable gray dog with white paws. He started jumping up and down to get her attention. She told him to sit and he did, until a person walking through the crowd stopped to pet him. A stranger who when finished, was no longer a stranger. The dog’s new friend continued through the crowd, moving closer to the stage....

Body Shaming: I’m Not Going to Be That Mom Until I Was

I was shopping with my preteen daughter in LuLuLemon.  I was tired and not in the best mood but she wanted to show me this jacket she liked, a trim fit, hot pink zip up.  The saleslady stood outside the dressing room as she tried it on. She zipped it up and I immediately noticed her slight outward curve in the middle. She doesn’t look perfect. What do I say to her? “I think she needs a bigger size.”  I told the saleslady. “Can I come in?” she responded....

Digitally Challenged After All These Years

I wish Safari could help me find everything on my phone. “Show me how to connect to WiFi again?” my younger self would ask my kids. “Here, I’ll do it,” they’d respond, taking the phone from my hand without showing me how, leading me to a bad pattern of helplessness. I now feel like a bird with clipped wings that cannot fly. “You still don’t know how to do this Mom? Scroll down, no just scroll down, keep going,” my daughter says trying to help me find the right setting. Frustrated, I look up at her. “Did I stand behind you and say, ‘Just step, just start stepping,’ when you were learning how to walk?”...
Joan Foley

How a Pandemic Gave me Mid-life Purpose

In late March, I opened an email from BA50 with an invitation to sign up for a blog writing class. Curiosity and mid-life direction led me to the checkout cart before self-doubt or fear could find me. A week later, heart pounding, trembling fingers and help from my daughter logging onto my first Zoom meeting I watched the little blue circles spin around, waiting to be welcomed in to one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself....
Sitting at the bar in Langham Hotel Chicago

Designing Specialty Cocktails: The Greg Allman Cocktail And Other Creative Drinks

I find the name of cocktails so intriguing.  We created the The Greg Allman. When Greg Allman died, we wanted to create a drink in his honor.  Naturally, we started with peaches and bourbon.  Listening to his bluesy voice sing Melissa in the backyard, we swirled the cocktail stick and nibbled the peaches, time stamping a summer evening with other boomers....
Joan Foley

Joan Foley

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