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Ginny Poleman

Couple in love drinking tea and enjoying winter holidays

Young Love: My Daughter and Her Boyfriend

I tried to keep my eyes on the puzzle but I couldn’t help observing my daughter—now a young woman—gaze at her lover. People say she looks like me with her turned up nose and heart-shaped face, but her coloring is all her dad’s side of the family: deep, deep auburn hair; creamy porcelain skin with a smattering of peachy freckles; and light colored eyes—one blue, one light brown. The soft light of the fire danced across her face, illuminating her happiness....

Post-Divorce First Date

My new Bumble profile went live.  I held my breath. Newly separated for four months, I had packed some bags and moved to Los Angeles for the summer. It was the adventure I needed.   On Bumble, I mostly swiped left. Occasionally swiped right. I matched. I chatted with men within the app. I tentatively shared my cell phone number. I finally agreed to meet a man for lunch in Venice Beach. ...
Ginny Poleman

Ginny Poleman

Before #StayAtHome, Ginny Poleman spent her time giving walking tours in Manhattan, leading school tours at the Metropolitan Museum Art, and going on cool dates in cozy lounges and cool retro bars. Follow her adventures on Instagram @ginnyinprogress, and her virtual tours of NYC @NYC.Encounters.