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Sara Cornell

Pearls…Of Wisdom

What is it about pearls that women in power find so appealing? Is it because pearls are universally flattering? Does their simple elegance denote an unostentatious type of wealth that only the truly secure and powerful can exude? Is it because they go with almost every outfit and power suit, and make the transition from day to evening fashion with an ease and grace rarely found in any other accessory? ...
50 going on 15

50 Going On 15

I somehow expected that when I finally reached the point designated as mid life I would be established and settled - in my ways (?) or in my emotional and financial security (?) or as a bastion of assuredness and knowledge for my children and those around me (?). But none of that really seems to fit. I certainly have habits that I cling to, but the rest of time I feel like I'm faking it...

Sara Cornell

Sara Cornell is a veteran in the digital media field of blogging, social media management, and writing online content. Starting her career in public relations, she spent a number of years in the field of finance and investments before making the decision to stay home with her children. While at home on the Mommy Track, she started writing and publishing her blog, Blue Blinds. As a freelance blogger, Sara is the writer and publisher of Blue Blinds, Boston Editor of The Fashionable Housewife, and a contributor to BeClose.com. She recently launched her new blog Life After Married (www.lifeaftermarried.com), conversations and musings born from heart to heart conversations, Chardonnay induced ramblings, and late night journal entries penned over 20+ years of marriage and an unpleasant divorce.