Ellen Levenson


Age & Agility: A Lesson In Ups and Downs

when my family signed up to hike to the top of Skellig Michael in Ireland, over 600 crumbly steps there and then back, with sheer vertical drops and no handrails, I was understandably nervous. The literature stressed ‘you hike at your own risk, there have been fatalities’. Adding to the anxiety, the only way to reach the island was an hour ride in a small boat, crossing the open seas of the North Atlantic. This almost guaranteed you arrived slightly seasick....
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BA50 Blogging Workshop: The Surprising Silver Lining of Quarantine

The ultimate irony of this quarantine is that I reached beyond the boundaries of my house and made new friends and in doing so begun exercising a muscle I forgot I had. At the beginning of this pandemic, I joined a group of smart, like-minded women from around the country and despite Zoom being our means of introduction, their emails are the first I read and these meetings are the highlight of my week....
Ellen Levenson

Ellen Levenson

Ellen Levenson is an Executive Function coach whose passions include books and baking. She has lived in MA, NY, CT & the UK. Visitors are usually treated to warm fresh out of the oven cookies.