It’s the weddings, the graduations, the engagements– those significant “life” events that hit us in the gut–and only those of us without parents know what it is like to miss a parent at those times.

Perri Klass wrote this beautiful article in the NY Times about missing her mom at her youngest son’s graduation from college– you will not want to miss this read, whether or not you still have your mom.

Perri writes:  “It’s not that I would have wanted her standing there in the rain with us. If she were still alive, my mother would now be pushing 90, and I assume that she would have had the good sense to enjoy the occasion from the warmth and dryness of her own home. But when you lose the people you love, you mark the loss over and over in the celebrations they don’t get to celebrate, in the moments they don’t get to reflect back.

“So my son was graduating, and I wanted my mother. I wanted to be not only the proud parent, but also the loving — and loved — daughter.”

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