No need to scour all the news websites for some great reading, the editors at BA50 have done it for you. Here are the articles we’ve culled from around the Web that intrigued us this past week.Articles BA50 Loves


What Can You Do to Get Ready For Your Extended Mid-Life?
Baby Boomers and GenXers are battling aging with an unparalleled ferocity.


Cancer is Contagious Among Clams. What About Us?
Scary thought: “So should people worry about an outbreak of infectious cancer? ‘I don’t think we should be starting to panic,’ Dr. Murchison said.”


How to Get Smokers to Quit? Enlist the World’s Ugliest Color
If Australians can be dissuaded from smoking by putting really ugly pictures on cigarette packs, what about putting what has been deemed the “world’s ugliest color” on them?


Nobody Wants Your Filthy House and Other Tips For Selling Your Home From the “Property Brothers”
Baby Boomers all across the globe are downsizing and relocating, but selling one’s home is not necessarily an easy endeavor. The stars of the TV show “Property Brothers” offer some tips on how to get rid of the old and get on with the new a lot quicker.



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