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Very Hot Drinks Are “Probably Carcinogenic”
A review “by a panel of global experts stated that drinking beverages at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius — 149 degrees Fahrenheit — could cause people to develop cancer of their esophagus, the eighth most common form of cancer worldwide.Drinking tea, coffee or other hot beverages at this temperature can cause significant scald burns in the esophagus when they’re consumed and has previously been linked to an increased cancer risk in this part of the body.”

Building Stronger Bonds and Friendship at Middle Age
“They say the older you get the harder it is to make new meaningful friendships, but I disagree.  In my case, I have my old friendships which I treasure but also new friendships that have developed now in my 50’s that I  hold very dear too.”


New London Mayor Bans Ad Promoting Unhealthy Body Image
“London’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan, announced a ban on ads — which critics call ‘fat-shaming’ — from London’s public transportation system starting in July, saying the messages encourage unhealthy body images for young women. ‘As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising, which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies,’ Mr. Khan said.”


98% of Millennial Women Know Skin Cancer is Deadly, So Why Are They Still Tanning? 
“According to a new American Academy of Dermatology survey, people are still going after that ‘healthy glow,’ even though they know there’s no such thing.


Why You Should Exercise (No, Not to Lose Weight)
“While we don’t think of it this way, you can make a pretty good argument that exercise is as good as drugs for many conditions.”


An Ad Student Instagram Account That Swaps Brands For Calories is Going Viral
“A new Instagram account is calling out brands on the calorie content of their products by replacing logos with hard numbers. Since launching last week, it has caught fire on the platform, attracting 80,000 followers and counting.”





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