No need to scour all the news websites for some great reading, the editors at BA50 have done it for you. Here are the articles we’ve culled from around the Web that intrigued us this past week. Articles BA50s Loves

The Snobs and Me

Author Jennifer Weiner attends a reunion at her alma mater, Princeton, and worries why women in all fields don’t demand their place in history, or at least on the bookshelf.


Graphic Cigarette Warnings Deter Smokers

“Putting graphic pictorial health warnings on cigarette packages was required by a law passed in 2009, but a tobacco company convinced a federal appellate court to delay implementation, claiming there was no evidence that pictures helped people quit. Now a randomized controlled trial, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, has provided the evidence.”


Why Hollywood Doesn’t Tell More Stories for–and About–Girls

“Since the ’90s, Hollywood has made small strides when it comes to better depicting women and including them behind the scenes, and yet there are fewer high-quality movies for girls being made today.” Obviously those strides have not been big enough, as the industry is still predominantly male.


Melinda Gates on Why Women’s Issues Are The Hard Issues

Inspiring short video starring Melinda Gates on why we cannot stop discussing issues that are pertinent to and can help women…”just bring the men and boys along with us.”


This Redesigned Bookstore (Without Any Books) Is the Smartest Thing You’ll See Today

As though we needed more reasons to go to Paris! “The Librairie des Puf, called Les Puf for short, is trying to make getting your hands on a physical book even easier. Found in the heart of Paris, Les Puf is built on a very unique business model:The store doesn’t have any books. Instead, it prints the book you want–in about five minutes.”




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