No need to scour all the news websites for some great reading, the editors at BA50 have done it for you. Here are the articles we’ve culled from around the Web that intrigued us this past week. Articles BA50 Loves


Unless You’re Oprah, “Be Yourself” Is Terrible Advice

“Interestingly, women are more likely to be low self-monitors than men, perhaps because women face stronger cultural pressures to express their feelings. Sadly, that puts them at risk for being judged weak or unprofessional.” Which type of self-monitor are you?


Just 40% of College Graduates think College Got Them Ready For a Career

After all the time and effort (and $$) that’s spent on college, we now find out that almost half of those we’ve struggled and toiled away for don’t think those four (or more) years prepared them for the real world.


Breast Cancer: 10 Years of Hormonal Therapy Reduces Recurrence of the Disease

This study at Massachusetts General Hospital, focused on older women who are given aromatase inhibitors in order to assess the effect of doubling treatment time from the standard five years to ten.


Sometimes the Most Challenging Travel Destination Is Your Own Home Town

For some, the thrill and adventure of traveling to faraway places is eclipsed by just “going home.” “Have you ever tried going back home after a long time away?”





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