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Baby Boomers Are Isolating Themselves As They Age

Something that is troubling researchers considering all the evidence we have of how much we need human interaction as we age: “Boomers are less likely to participate in community or religious organizations than were their counterparts 20 years ago. They are less likely to be married. They talk with their neighbors less frequently.”


Worried? You’re Not Alone

“Two out of five Americans say they worry every day, according to a new white paper released by Liberty Mutual Insurance.”


“Second Skin” May Reduce Eye Bags, Wrinkles, Scientists Say

“Researchers said a ‘second skin’ composed of commonly used chemicals deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration can accomplish that — and in small studies of it, so far no one has reported irritation or allergic reactions.”


Are We Overusing Antibiotics?

“We call or visit our health care professional, insisting that we need antibiotics. And we have been getting them, in many cases despite the fact that they’re unnecessary. Antibiotics account for 47 million excess prescriptions each year.”


Reaching the Age When Age is a Liability — Especially For Women

“This sensitive subject has both a demographic and a gender component.”


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