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Too Old For Sex? Not at This Nursing Home
As much as our kids don’t like to think about us having sex, we don’t make it a habit thinking about our own parents having sex…but they are. And nursing homes across the country are becoming more sensitive to the sex lives of the elderly.

What Loneliness Is Doing to Your Heart
According to a study published in the British journal “Heart,” people with ‘poor social relationships’ had a ’29 percent higher risk of newly diagnosed heart disease and a 32 percent higher risk of stroke.’

Few Young Doctors Are Training to Care for US Elderly
There is a dearth of physicians who specialize in the treatment of adults age 65 and older — as well as nurses, physical therapists and psychologists who know how to care for this population. Especially in West Virginia, which has the third oldest population in the country.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Vaccine Prevents Tau Protein Buildup To Stop The Disorder In Its Tracks
“A new study suggests that a vaccine for the condition could become a reality in as little as five years, and may one day become as much of a fixture in the lives of our aging population as the common flu shot.

Should You Play Peacemaker Among Your Adult Kids?
“Summer can heat up sibling friction, whether you have college kids home on break or are together for a family vacation. Should parents play peacemaker?”


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