Felice Interviews Lunaroma Founder Leyla

When I walk into my sister Jane’s home, she has the most inviting scents welcoming us by her front entry. Jane has been shopping with Lunaroma and buying their products for years and turned me onto this magical apothecary of lush aromas several years ago.

I love going to the shop with her and this year we brought our kids and daughter-in-law and nephews. Everyone bought something. The place is irresistible and so are aromas, the blue bottles, the home spun healthy feel. If you can’t get to Burlington, you are definitely going to want to shop on-line for these products.


PS: This visit I bought: (Click here to purchase)

Lavender Geranium Body Silk Oil (Apply After Shower)

Confidence Aroma Mist

Lavender Geranium Sugar Body Polish

Hardworking Hands Soapy Scrub (exfoliates your hands)



On this visit, I interviewed owner Leyla at her shop.

To watch my interview with Leyla click below…..

If you want to know how she started this is a great piece on Leyla.

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