blackfriday2Attention holiday shoppers, this is a newsflash.

The deals are not really epic! I repeat – not epic!

Black Friday is famous for its shady deals, its hype and its controversies. Who’s open, who’s closed, who’s deals are amazing and who’s deals are duds.

Most retailers do offer their biggest no-holds-barred discounts of the year, but it is only epic if the item fits all of your requirements including what you consider to be the best price. According to the National Retail Federation, approximately 87 million shoppers traditionally participate in Black Friday. This year will probably be no different. But is it just me? Does there seem to be less hype? Or was there no ‘air’ time due to the election network takeovers? Buyer beware, no doubt they will rev up this weekend.

Beware of a new practice, yes they have to keep changing it up to keep it fresh (confusing). Retailers are building up the momentum with ‘flash deals’. These so called deals only last a few hours thereby forcing your hand to make purchases with little or no time to do the research. So clearly, there will be items bought that may either not be ‘right’ for you or may not be the ‘right ‘ price for you!

blackfridaysmMost retailers are using Black Friday to clear out the crap! Clear out what has not sold, what they perhaps bought too much of, or what might still be in the store because the weather trends have not co-operated with the merchandise on the floor. Do you remember a recent Christmas day here in New England where we were outside biking, hiking and playing tennis? How many wool gloves, hats and boots do you think were still sitting on the shelf in January? So you get my point. They are not giving you their cream of the crop inventory. That’s what back rooms are for – holding stock off the floor! Rather than falling victim to buying what they want you to buy, you should plan your own purchases carefully and diligently.

And even if you prefer to boycott the madness and think you don’t need one more damn thing in your closet, chances are you do. So let’s get to it with purpose so you don’t miss the opportunity to save a few bucks on a new pair of fluffy slippers for yourself – you heard me – for yourself!

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Emergency Preparedness Checklist:

Plan your strategy ~  and stick to it!

Here are some tips & tricks to carry you through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

cybermondayPlan the Products ~ As much as you might want to add those purple stilettos to your shoe collection, first make sure the everyday black shoes don’t have holes in the soles! Check your bras, your hosiery, your black pants and skirts, your winter coats, boots and even socks. My point is to make sure you have the essentials in your wardrobe covered. The essentials are on sale too you know! Everyone restocks the basic household items when they go on sale – don’t forget to restock your wardrobe basics too! Make a list of the items that you want to buy and then check their current online price and decide in advance what you think is a good deal. You may find several different prices online – so shop around.

Plan the Mall ~ Don’t just plan which mall – plan the floor plan of that mall! Wasted steps are wasted time and energy. Go to the mall’s website. Download the map, and the directory. Ever try to find the directory once inside the mall? Most malls now have volumes of additional kiosk vendors hucking games, candles and skin lotion, but try and find the directory???

Plan the Parking Space ~ Park with purpose! Maybe plan two trips to the car. Or park and then walk to the furthest destination so that all of your steps are heading back to the car. Or park as far away as you can – you might not buy anything but you’ll get your 2000 steps logged in your Fitbit!

Plan the Price ~ Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean it’s on sale – what? Are you really aware of the regular price? Was that high-ticket item really EVER sold at that high ticket price? Be a savvy shopper. If you are really planning on shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then you should already know what you are looking for and what you should pay. Do your homework – Google the item itself, open the top five links and check the price at different brick and mortar retailers and online retailers! Your best price might just be online, so why get in the car?

Plan the Savings ~ Shop early! Seriously the Christmas music is already playing in the stores, do you really think those deep discounts are only on Black Friday? Most stores have marked things down 48 to 72 hours before the stores even open on Friday, even if it a 4am opening. So shop your favorite stores online in advance. Bottom line – plan, plan, plan and then decide to shop online while eating your turkey sandwich and playing cribbage with the family!

Happy Thanksgiving week! Enjoy your family…




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