how to tell when a guy is genuineHave you ever dated a guy who was sweet, charming, and loving, but turned out to be cruel and selfish once you were in a relationship? People aren’t always who they appear to be at first glance. This is the story of Little Red DATING Hood, dating a sweet loving “grandma” of a guy disguising the big bad wolf hidden inside.

Little Red Dating Hood

Little Red Dating Hood was a sweet young lady who fell for a charming guy. He smiled his handsome smile. His eyes twinkled when he stared into hers. He told her how beautiful and sexy she was. She slept with him on the third date. Now she’s in “love” with this sweet talkin’ ladies man. But, a few weeks or months down the road, “What a beautiful smile you have” turned into “The better to eat you with my dear!”

Wait, how did that happen? He was such a great guy. He said such loving things. He treated her to extravagant dinners. She opened up to him. They were in LOVE!

How did he turn into that big bad wolf?

He didn’t turn into anything. He was always that big bad wolf. She just pushed her gut feelings aside because of his charm. She was a bit blinded by his frilly grandma bonnet disguise. She saw what he wanted her to see.

And she saw what she wanted to see. “He’s so handsome, charming, romantic, and attentive. He says all the sexy/endearing things I want to hear. My heart does a little dance every time I get a text, call or email from him.” She wanted a relationship so badly, she was blind to those sharp big teeth hidden behind his charming smile. Sound familiar?

I am not saying that all men are monsters lurking beneath a kind exterior; not at all. I am talking about how easy it can be to miss the big red flags in a relationship if you shut your eyes to them, especially if the attraction is very strong. And particularly if you sleep with him before you have built an exclusive relationship.

Love is blind

More accurately, lust is blind. That’s why I suggest that you listen to your gut if you think he’s too good to be true. He probably is. Don’t sleep with him before you’re in a committed relationship. It messes with your head. It fogs your brain. It makes you see the grandma and not the wolf.

So, the next time you have any doubt about the guy you’re dating, pay attention. Your gut knows what’s best for you. Build the relationship slowly – at your pace, not his. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

If you’re paying close attention to his behavior, you may never get past date two or three. But if you do start to trust him, his behaviors and actions match, and he’s accountable, you can let him know that you find him attractive. But still DON’T sleep with him until you know and trust him and you’re in a monogamous relationship.

There’s plenty you can do before you hop into bed. There are lots of ways to build intimacy and trust in the relationship. The slower you go, the more easily you can spot the wolf in grandma’s clothing.

The good news is he’ll only hurt you if you let him. So, Little Red Dating Hood, pay attention to your gut, take it slow, and become the high quality woman that attracts a high quality guy. Hopefully, you will never have a relationship with a Big Bad Wolf again.

Please share your experience of dating a Big Bad Wolf.

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