Sorry ladies, Punxsutawney Phil says we still have another six weeks donning woolly winter clothing.

It was reported that Phil communicated in “groundhogese” that he had cast a shadow. According to legend, that means the weather will be wintry for the next six weeks. If Phil didn’t see his shadow, it would have been an early spring.

Even I am sick of my clothing and this is what I do for a living!

However, my discerning eye will not allow me to buy the leftover sale crap which is literally all the stuff that nobody wanted. So, despite the $5 price tag it’s not worth the real-estate that it will take up in my closet.

As I often say, just because it is on sale doesn’t mean it is right for you!

What is the solution? Shopping the 85% of the wardrobe that you never wear and sprucing it up with color, texture and shine!

Yes it’s true, I probably also have maybe 40% my wardrobe that I just never reach for. Why? Because I really like the other 60%, it fits well, it’s comfortable, it’s easy, it’s flattering, it makes me feel confident and I am meeting with different clients every day, so no one really knows I’m wearing the same pants, jacket and boots that I have already worn twice this week! Well, now you know too! Don’t share that statement publicly because I will deny it.

Let’s take a deep dive into three categories within your 85%, and figure out what you could change up that could add a little sparkle to your dreary winter wardrobe.

As many of you know I like to get women dressed from the bottom up because our shoes literally carrying us through a 10-hour day, so they must serve us well. That is one of the three categories that I would consider purchasing on sale because the quality of the boot or shoe hasn’t changed in the box, and if you’re not going for the platform wedges filled with floating daisies, I’m pretty sure whatever you buy this season will be in style for the next few years.

If you are going to splurge for something in the shoe or boot category, let’s try a pop of color because no doubt you already have six black pair of each.

Not much needs to change in the pant category because you certainly have your standbys to get you through the rest of the winter, one being your dark wash jeans the other being your fabulous fitting black pants and then possibly a black pair of leggings to wear with your riding boots.

Moving up the body, I don’t really recommend buying sweaters on sale right now because of the fact that you probably have 100 sweaters in your wardrobe. When I am performing a closet edit, audit or full blown assault with my clients, they begin to pull sweaters out of everywhere, bins under the bed, bins in the attic, hope chests, (do they still call them hope chests) and then of course the top shelf of the closet which hasn’t seen the light of day since, well, the light of day. And the sale sweater selection at this point is most definitely undesirable for one reason or another, a few big wrap sweaters that would fit the Statue of Liberty or patterns that bring you back to the Britney Spears schoolgirl video!

Getting closer to your beautiful face, we come to the second category that I would consider spending money on – your accessories. Accessories can easily add color, texture and shine to any boring black outfit. Let’s face it, jewelry is jewelry, whether it’s full price or on sale, it sparkles, it shines, it lifts your spirit and it is the center of attention whether it’s on your neck, your ears, your fingers or your wrists!

Look for department store sales in the fine jewelry category first, because again the costume jewelry category may be picked over, but the fine jewelry category may be just sitting there waiting for you to pick up a special piece at 60 to 80% off. Whereas you may not have wanted to spend one hundred to two hundred dollars on a necklace at the beginning of the season, you can now pick that up for a song. This will be an investment piece that will serve you well into the future thereby getting your cost-per-wear probably right down to the costume jewelry price.

The other favorite accessory is scarves. What adds a pop of color better than a new scarf? When it comes to scarves, I want you to practice one in, one out, because that’s another category that just seems to multiply in the dark. When I ask women why they have 80 scarves, their answer is usually because they all fit. My answer to that is just because it fits doesn’t mean it flatters. Take your scarves out and assess them as if you would be buying them today. Are you attracted to florals or geometrics? If you find you prefer geometrics, then go plant your florals in the giveaway bin. If you find that all your scarves are summer colors, then it’s time to pick up some winter colors.

Recapping here –  if your winter wardrobe is boring to you, it’s boring to others. I recommend you go online or head to your favorite store and only look at those three categories this weekend – shoes/boots, scarves and jewelry.

You will be amazed at the new combinations that you come up with that can stylishly bring you to the pending Spring weather.

As always, if you need help sprucing up your dreary winter look just raise your hand here.

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