Are menopausal women creating a new fashion trend?  Hmmmm, we’re not sure whether to be flattered or insulted…

…they are calling this new style  “Menocore,” as in “Normcore” –indeed, for the menopausal woman.  And even though younger women are adopting this way of comfortable dress, the implication that women over fifty ONLY wear comfortable, loose clothing is, well, quite insulting.

We do like the style, however, but it’s not, in our opinion, a 24/7 look.  And big, baggy, comfortable clothing may not be the way to go says BA50 Fashionista Doreen Dove in today’s column about how not to dress older than you actually are.  Check it out here.

Obviously these not quite BA50 gals need to spend more time with us so they can see how really stylish we are.  What do you think?

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