The eyes are typically portrayed as being the window to a person’s soul. But as you age, your mouth, and the areas around it may speak volumes. Whether it’s yellowing teeth, chips, cracks or vacant gaps, your lips, smile and gums change as you grow older. Fortunately, with the help of the experts, you can turn back the hands of time.

Whiten Your Smile

While your mind and body may feel youthful, your yellow teeth could give your true age away. Stained and yellowing teeth occur over time and usually become discolored from habits that include smoking, drinking red wineand teas. To reverse the damage done by your diet and other contributing factors, you’re going to need to bleach the surface of your teeth’s enamel and make them pearly white again. Whether you choose to schedule laser treatments with your dentist or use whitening strips and toothpastes, there are number of options available that will help brighten your smile. Your dentist may also have recommendations, so you may want to schedule a consultation.

Consider Porcelain Veneers

If you’re far from happy with your smile, you may want to think about ways to enhance your look as you age. Porcelain veneers transform your smile from embarrassing to dynamic in a matter of days. Using a thin shell, you can customize the thin pieces of veneer to adhere to the front of the problematic teeth. Long-lasting, strong and stain-resistant, veneers can correct misshapen, oddly spaced, cracked, chipped, discolored and broken teeth. Their life expectancy can also exceed 20 years.

Braces to Reshape Your Smile

The older you get the more gravity takes over and causes everything to collapse and sag. The same can be said for your smile. If you’re looking to reshape and broaden your smile, you may want to consider braces. The proper orthodontia helps improve the angle of teeth that may have collapsed due to age. Braces may also help realign problematic teeth and improve overbites, crowding and TMJ. Products such as Invisalign and ceramic braces help change the teeth subtly and without the use of metal. If you’re adventurous, you could also get the braces in a variety of colors and designs.

Plump Your Lips

The lips tend to disappear and deflate as a person ages. Although you don’t want to look like you just got punched in the mouth, using small amounts of dermal fillers can restore fullness in areas of the lip that may be lacking. Perlane, Juvedrm and Restylane are examples of products that contain hyaluronic acid. This is a natural substance that allows the body to retain water. When bound with your body’s moisture, you’ll be able to restore the plumpness back to your lips. Since you want to get the right amount of product to improve your appearance, it’s best done by a dentist, plastic surgeon or dermatologist. If you’re not too fond of needles, you can also achieve plumpness with a volume enhancing serum. Although the results are temporary, they can boost your appearance on special days or evenings.

Eliminate Wrinkles Around the Mouth

The sun, smoking and genetics play a critical role in the development of wrinkles around the mouth and lips. The way you drink a beverage using a straw can also age the skin tissues around your mouth. Although plumping fillers can ease the look of fine lines and wrinkles, lasers that resurface the skin can help smooth out the tissue. With very little downtime and excellent results within one or two laser treatments, this seems to be a viable option for helping to retain a youthful smile. Products with Retin-A and sunscreen can also prove helpful in preventing additional future wrinkles from occurring.

The ability to age is a wonderful privilege that many should be embracing. Although wrinkles, saggy skin and discolored teeth may come along with this special gift, you don’t have to give up without a fight. The above anti-aging tips are tricks to help you look and feel your best no matter what your age.



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