It’s time to learn how hormones play a role in our changing bodies and ourselves. Do you know about Estradiol, that after 10 years post menopause it may be too late for you to take HRTs? Do you understand your changing sex drive, or your changing body? 

I started researching this topic after my GYN appointment this past week. I always take notes during my visits because she is on the cutting edge of research in the HRT field. During our one hour visit, I learned how important HRT therapy is and how much I didn’t know about its benefits and risks.

What was most surprising was how important Estrogen is for bone growth, and the prevention of cognitive decline, sexual behavior, mood enhancement and more. Should you take hormones for menopause? Click to hear what Dr. Majd advises.

Listen all the way through this video to hear both the Pros and Cons….

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