162288039…Tammy Bleck, for her outstanding performance at fending life’s perils, jabs and obstacles. (applause – the crowd goes wild!)

Accepting her award, Tammy is wearing a lovely pink fuzzy robe made by Charter Club complimented by her sleek leopard print slippers by Danskin. Her outfit is nicely complimented by stylish curlers and a minimum amount of make-up, giving her that enviable natural look.

Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice?!

I look at the celebrities these days and am betting that their life is not nearly as rosy as many would think. Still, they have it better than most. I love watching award shows; the outfits, the movie stars, the glib comments that make for great sound bites. But it occurs to me that awards are seldom given to those who really deserve them.

I recently watched an old interview with Jennifer Lopez where she was complaining how difficult it was to be a single mom. Really? How hard can it be when you have nannies, cooks, housemaids, and personal assistants? I’ve noticed how reality takes on a whole new perspective when you are a wealthy celebrity. It’s called: distorted.

If you ask me (and I know you didn’t) it’s the everyday Joes and Josephines who struggle to put food on the table and keep the electricity on, the single moms and dads who do what they need to do to make ends meet, the college grad who is working to pay the rent and build a life, the mid-lifer who is trying to reinvent themselves to support their aging years, teachers, secretary’s, firemen … these are the real winners deserving of an award.

Wouldn’t it be great if we received an accolade from time to time for our efforts as well as our accomplishments? Hell, yeah!

I often wonder about a society that pays millions for an actor to perform in one movie but pays a teacher so little to teach America’s future leaders. I am a big fan of free enterprise but believe that common sense and a moral obligation towards the greater good should come into play somewhere. I have yet to see it.

I guess it’s a matter of priorities. But whose? Certainly not mine. I think it would be a better world if what we believe in is what we rewarded. Things like kindness, generosity, fairness and effort as well as achievement.

I believe in giving a chance and taking one. I believe that awards should be given to those who try and still don’t succeed; for it’s the ones who fail and get up to try again that are our salvation. I believe in truth in advertising, full disclosure and positive re-enforcement. I believe in myself (most days) and I try not to place too much worth on glitzy award shows. I know who should really be standing up on that stage.

And so, I give the award to all of us who hold it together in spite of all things that try to pull it apart.  It’s about damn time.

My advice: When accepting your award, wear your best bathrobe. The critics are ruthless.

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