After the kids have gone away
I think I’ll organize my day
Around things waiting to be done
Like painting rooms and planting mums
Arranging pictures in albums.
I’ll have the time to hang a drape
(Instead of driving to the Cape)
Time to sit and think and read
Not entertaining every need
And worrying if they’ll succeed.

When into life the kids have gone
I’ll finally have a decent lawn.
I’ll have a house to call my own
With knick-knacks made of glass that’s blown
(Not art class crafts that they brought home),
A fridge filled full of Camembert
And Petit-Fours for my dessert
Romantic nights out on the deck
With laughter, wine, and no regret
(Or curfew-breaking hours to check).

After the kids are on their own
I won’t be feeling that alone.
Farewell to petty arguments,
Tantrums, calls to armaments,
Guilt and blame and recompense.
Goodbye to wrenching, nagging doubt
Perfection I can do without.
I’ll lay me down in tender grass
And wait for endless days to pass
Enjoying quiet rest at last.

The kids will go and leave me here
this chapter closed I hold so dear.
My empty life won’t be that bare; 
I’ll hang our memories everywhere.

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