latteladyCan you build a grande-skinny-half-caf-caramel-macchiato every morning but not build yourself an outfit?

Life is challenging but we have to get dressed!

Getting dressed is a task that most women take for granted. They throw open the closet doors, stare blankly at their options and grab the same combo they wore last week. The 15% challenge defined right there in case you missed it! We wear 15% of what we own – why then, Mildred, do we have the other 85%?

Some women manage to pull together a great look every day and some not so much. Many leave the house disappointed or uncomfortable with their selection.



Savvy women know that getting it right is a critical component to how your day will shape up, which could affect your week, your year and even your life. Sound dramatic? It is! If you look and feel like you’ve got it all going on, your confidence will allow you to play your power cards all day. The outfit that you choose has a major influence on your self-confidence day after day after day.

Knowing how to build an outfit is an essential skill to ensure you project the image you want.

Thoughtfully crafting your outfits from the same old options in your closet may seem like a daunting task but it’s really as easy as taking it step by step. Over time, you will be able to whip together outfits with ease.

Let’s begin:

Step #1 – Plan ahead

This starts with your night time ritual – washing your face, brushing your teeth and laying out your outfit. Sound like something that maybe Mom suggested? Guess what – she was spot on. If you were a better listener, you might not be reading this article, but I digress. It’s way easier and far less stressful to create an outfit the night before and it will take one thing off your mental moaning as you try to count sheep. Instead of thinking what the hell am I wearing tomorrow as you nod off, you can be thinking – boy am I going to rock my look in the morning! Way better positive energy wouldn’t you say? Plus, you might even have an accessory brainstorm in the middle of the night, waking up with a completely embellished outfit!

Step #2 – Assess The Adventure

What adventure? Everyday is an adventure – get ready with purpose. What will you be doing? Where will you be going? What will the weather be? Who will you be seeing, meeting or working with? What’s the required dress code? What impression do you want to make?

These questions are key to choosing the right outfit for your day.



Step #3 – Decide On Your Base Layer

This part is not rocket science. Your ‘Garanimal’ foundation pieces are simply a pant/top combo, a skirt/top combo or a dress.

The base layer’s flavor will immediately dictate the underwear and the shoes. White blouse requires a white bra, fitted bottoms require no seam panties, shorter pants may prefer being paired with flats and the longer trousers might allow the heels to come out and play. All parts come together seamlessly if laid out in advance.

Additionally, if your base layer is solid, simple or monochromatic, then that’s the time to get more creative or bold with the other components. However if one of the base elements is a fashion statement on it’s own, that’s your cue to simplify the rest.

Step #4 – Satisfy Your Lingerie Drawer In Advance

It will satisfy you! Those friends will be there to support you head to toe as well as the ‘girls, baubles and dimples’ in between. Also be sure to have enough to go around. Who knows, you might go on a white blouse binge for 5 days in a row – that could be a problem if you have 2 white bras and 10 red ones! Balance it out – white, nude, black, a pop of color, racerback, strapless, the options are endless, but cover the basics. The same goes for panties. Make sure you are not sporting the dreaded ‘V’ when you leave the room. Purposely shop the underwear department looking at all of the options, even asking for help.

Step #5 – Plan To Layer With Purpose

Layer for warmth – without bulk
Layer for professionalism – cover the arms
Layer for power – wear a blazer
Layer for evening style – embellished jackets



Step #6 – Display Your Accessories Front & Center

You can’t remember what you can’t see and you can’t be inspired by what you don’t know you have. Get your jewelry out of boxes – find a way to make it visual in your space, near your closet or near your mirror. Hang your scarves on loops in your closet so they can mingle with your base layers. Rotate both your jewelry and your scarves, swapping them in and out of visibility every few weeks if you have so many that you are forced to have them stored all over the bedroom.

Your outfit isn’t complete without color, texture and shine. Use your accessories to accentuate the assets, to call attention to the best areas of your body. This is a great way to express your personality – to let it literally shine!

Step # 7 – Vary Your Shoes

Don’t become known as the Berkinstock girl, the Dansko gal or the Stiletto chic! Match the shoe to the outfit, to the event, to the level of sophistication required for the ensemble. Your shoe can make or break your outfit. Choose it wisely in advance to make sure it actually goes with the outfit as opposed to ‘this is what I always wear’.



Step # 8 – Take Stock Of Your ‘Outer’ Layer

With winter approaching you need to not only know what you are wearing once you get to your destination but you need to be prepared for getting there! Don’t plan on wearing a sassy dress to the office if all you own to get there is a short lime-green North Face jacket. Your outerwear is part of your outfit, so factor it in the night before. Make sure it is out of the mothballs or it has been de-fur balled by the trusty lint roller in advance of you grabbing your car keys. Anyone ever looked down once in the car and said crap – do I even own a lint roller?

Still have questions on how to dress with purpose?

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