As we age, we’re confronted with the hard-to-ignore chatter about wearing “age-appropriate” garments, low-key cuts, pastels and black. A women after 50 should, after all, dress in a certain way, we’re told, and standing out is as undesirable as you would expect. But then again, why should you conform to randomly defined “guidelines”? After all, having complete confidence in your clothes is the defining factor, and if you feel sophisticated and downright smashingly beautiful in your chosen outfit, nothing else matters!

Day in and day out we see women over 50 strut their beautiful figures with confidence and grace on the red carpet. Julianne Moore, Helen Mirren and Tilda Swinton are just some examples that pop to mind. And they rarely follow these fashion recommendations.

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It has nothing to do with designers and stylists catering to their wardrobe. In fact, high-end designers boast middle-aged market oriented collections for a clear reason: it’s worth more than $3.5 billion. But it has everything to do with confidence and an eye for sophistication.

Way too often do women feel bad about themselves or their bodies, but the truth is that women of a certain age are all the rage! So here are a few tips to help you uncover the beauty you try so hard to hide.

1.    There’s nothing wrong with a bit of cleavage

A beautiful neckline should be showcased not hidden, so shop for garments that highlight it. If you do have concerns regarding this area, consider scoop-necks or mock-necks, as they allow light to be reflected back in a flattering way. V-necked tops are also a great solution, and they’re excellent for showcasing beautiful jewelery.

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2.    Be daring with Color and Prints

Pastels and black aren’t the only colors women of a certain age are supposed to be wearing. In fact, a well-chosen shade of blue or red can certainly highlight your most beautiful features. The same holds true for prints. Be mindful, though, that you’re aiming for sophistication, so going overboard isn’t something to be attempted. Aim for large, graphic prints and solid colors as they are figure-flattering and generally a great choice.

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3.    Focus on Wardrobe Basics

There are certain items that your wardrobe should never go without. A killer dress, for one, is an absolute must. You can opt for a simple, tunic dress for everyday occasions, or go for wrap-over dresses and nipped-in shift dresses that ensure structure and highlight your hourglass figure. The key is to shop around for one that accentuates your body’s strong suits. And even though you can easily find dresses with long sleeves, don’t fear to flaunt your arms and shoulders!

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Besides your dress, there should be other hard-working items in your wardrobe: a flattering jacket, a great pair of trousers (straight-leg trousers are your best choice, though a wide-leg pair can balance out a wider hip and give the impression of longer legs), a cashmere sweater, a spectacular coat, an exceptional pair of jeans, and a silk blouse.

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These basic items can be mixed and matched skilfully and dressed up (or down) depending on the accessories you choose. Have a show-stopping item in your wardrobe (be they fabulous shoes, a kimono top or a leather jacket) and mix that with the basic items in a fresh yet sophisticated style. Avoid matchy-matchy outfits or overly-coordinated looks, dare to wear polka-dots and, if it suits you, don’t be afraid of out-of-the box items. Remember that it’s about how confident your choices make you!

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Don’t feel as though you’re too old for denim, bold prints, leather leggings or sequin skirts. The idea is to match them in a modern and effortless way. Use decent tailoring and quality items to your advantage, play with layering for elegant results and even try uncommon items (such as a great jumpsuit)- you’re bound to be surprised.

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Be daring with accessories, especially with scarves: you will notice that they become a great part of your wardrobe as you age. The same applies to haircuts: short or long, the idea is to find a style that works for you.

Fashion is fun at any age, so  I promise you’ll feel fabulous.


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