If you want to know what women over 50 think all you have to do is see what makes them laugh out loud — all at once. I mean who doesn’t like to get in on a good joke?

This meme landed in my text message group exchange. Our over 60 crowd was texting about depressing world events and voila, this meme changed our moods instantly. Thank you friend!

These ladies having lunch are too funny. They have no clue those “older” women at the other table are NOT 10 years older. They are the same age. And how often have we all done that very same thing?

Has the morning weigh in on the scale been replaced by the mind chatter of our morning mirror self-assessment.

I don’t know about you, but each morning I wake up and look in the mirror I’m a little surprised. I mean I’m grateful to be on this planet and I’m ok with aging but I don’t want to be pigeon holed into feeling old by a number. And when my eyes look extra tired in the. Morning I try to look away from the mirror really quickly…. Because that person is NOT ME. That’s and older person.

And that’ s why I loved this meme. I literally roared when I saw it and then I asked my friend’s permission to share it with BA50s and with that green light I posted it on our Instagram.


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I was shocked to see the response. Granted we have 180K followers on our BA50 IG and on our Facebook page which is a healthy following but NEVER does every follower check in at the same time. This time they did, and so many more.

As I write this, 3 days after I posted it the stats blew me away.

3,000,000 times this post has been viewed !
51,300 have liked it!
There are over 1,000 comments!
38,000 have shared it!

And counting……

What does this say about us?

Here’s the truth. We are constantly comparing ourselves with what we have deemed someone of equal age. And then we inevitably make up a story about why or why not they look or have the energy of someone younger, or maybe older. And then we guess. We guess their age and compare again.

As we age, we don’t see or feel our true age. We are not our mother’s kind of 65. Hey we ski and we play pickleball, we walk 10,000 steps or 20,000.  Sure we talk about our health stuff more than we used to but we don’t think of this as a “old” person behavior.

We wear yoga pants and jeans, not our mother’s house coats. We don’t feel our age — most of us just don’t.

To truly understand what 50 or 60 or 65 looks like, we look to others as examples and who we choose to compare ourselves with depends on our self image.

So, when we see the age lines on another, the heavy lids and of course the layers of lines on our necks, most of us check our own mirrors and assess. Hmmmmm, are my lids drooping? Oh, she doesn’t have lines on her forehead, of course she had Botox but I bet she’s my age. 

It’s all quite humorous. The reality too astounding to digest.

Let’s face it…it’s great to be aging. As Sara Jessica Parker recently said, “ I know what I look like, I have no choice. What am I going to do about it? Stop Aging?”

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