womanwithdaisiesThere’s something about the arrival of spring that motivates us to get out of our same-old comfort zone.

It might have something to do with the fact that the need to layer in shades of black and grey is not weather mandated anymore.

IMG_4617So let’s take the motivation, tap into our creative spirit and embrace the fact that fashion is supposed to be fun!

If you are not having fun when the birds and the bees are, then when my dear, are you? Interesting sidebar, I need to replace an evergreen that has been living by my side-door now for decades and as a result is literally one-sided. The expert landscaper dude said, I recommend not going with a flowering plant because it attracts bees and pretty sure you do not want bees entering the house with you. Duh, seriously, never thought of that, I would have planted a rhododendron! And if you were tuned in last week, I wrote about determining your preferred pattern so for those of you who were not put off by florals, this one is for you!

IMG_4613We all have our favorite floral arrangements, and individual favorite flowers. You might be a hydrangea girl, a rose girl, or like me, a Gerber daisy girl. But when it comes to adding that element to your wardrobe you may not have the pick of the greenhouse. What you will have is the choice of color and placement.

By color I mean be sure to pick a pattern where the main color story is actually a color that you are attracted to and would blend with other solid pieces in your wardrobe to be able to make what is commonly referred to as an ‘outfit’! Don’t pick a floral pattern that is all fluorescent shades of lime and fuchsia when the rest of your pre-existing wardrobe pieces are all red and charcoal. Remember the color wheel rules, opposites attract.

IMG_4609The other element you have the choice of is where you incorporate the floral arrangements when it comes to the categories in your wardrobe. Remember the categories? I am always harping on that – pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters, jackets, shoes and accessories. If you are a conservative neutral-zone gal perhaps you are going to add the spring bouquet with a shoe, a scarf, a handbag or a piece of jewelry.

If you are perhaps a fuller-on-the-top gal, then you might opt to keep your solids on your top-half and add some texture and pattern to your bottom-half on either your pants or your skirts.

And vice versa, if you are a fuller-on-the-bottom gal, you are going to want to keep your solids on the bottom, thereby diminishing the liability, and adding color and patterns above the waist with blouses, sweaters, jackets or scarves.

IMG_4615And of course colorful floral necklaces are the right answer for all body proportions.

So decorate with abandon – within the rules – and you are bound to look cheery and colorful throughout the blooming season!

As FTD coined, “Let’s say it with flowers.”

As always if you need help navigating the floral greenhouse (aka your Spring wardrobe),

You can reach out here: www.DoreenDove.com/freeconsult or pick up my sassy style guide here: www.ConfidenceIsAlwaysInStyle.com



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