Actress Andrea Martin has been working hard in “the biz” for over four decades, and we think there are probably some who believe it’s time for her to call it a day and slow down. Thankfully, Andrea does not feel this way, and even better, the powers that be don’t agree with that suggestion as well. This makes us, her fans, very happy. She is a perfect example of an actress of a “certain age” who is still funny, vital, and the leader of a very large fan base.

“For someone who won a Tony four years ago for fearlessly flying on a trapeze in “Pippin,” off-stage Martin is endearingly self-effacing and excitable. Over eggs and coffee at a cafe on the Upper West Side, where she’s rented the same apartment since the early 1970s, Martin discussed her love of the circus, her Armenian roots and the possibility of an “SCTV” reunion.”

Read more of this delightful interview that appeared in the Los Angeles Times here.

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