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Unlike other blogs, posts and on-line magazines, we’re about real women sharing real stories: Talking to each other about shared experiences — not talking AT one another. We are better because we have each other; we are willing to share our experiences, our learnings, our concerns and our musings. Our site is designed to be personal and conversational — all the things you’d confess to a friend over coffee (or wine or chocolate, or…). In other words, being frank, sensitive, and seeing the humor in between the lines (and wrinkles).

We are Betterafter50 because we choose to be. We’re old enough — and wise enough — to approach the challenges and promises of mid-life with positive energy. We are not in la la land here. We get it. From body issues to memory challenges, financial shifts to changing relationships, marriage re-kindlings and dissolvings, from empty beds to empty nests, to dealing with loss and the joy of new beginnings — we know the landscape is vast and the topics ripe for engagement. We also know how much easier it is when we share our thoughts and feelings with other like-minded souls.

And so, here we are with all our glitches and glory.

We invite you to scroll through our site, read what others have to say and to contribute – both in our Forums and through submitted essays (these are vetted, which differentiates us from a blog). You can even sign in anonymously should you want to get into the down and dirty aspects of being a BA50 (yes, we’re talking sex and other bodily functions we thought only happened to “old” people).

BA50 was designed to be personal – to cater to YOU. It only works when you join the conversation. So grab the coffee/wine/chocolate/whatever and chime in. Add to the Forums. Share your latest challenges and achievements. Talk about your career or lack of. Bitch about your ex or your ex’s new (much younger) wife. Dish about sex. Celebrate your kids and grandchildren. Give us insight into coping with aging parents. We want you to be yourself.

Together we are Better After 50.

Felice Shapiro


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