meeting a great person at midlifeAs a widower of 7 years, a man with 60 years’ experience, I was lonely.  I knew I had to move forward to bring change, a woman/partner, into my life.  One evening I went to a club and saw a promo for Carolina Shag dance lessons.  I have happy feet and saw this as a great way to meet women.  And this would include women who wanted to be met.

I started attending the dance lessons.  I met a wonderful group of people who welcomed me into their midst.  The ladies who helped me learn were so kind and patient.  After my second lesson, I was bored, because I didn’t know enough to mix it up and make it interesting.  But the kind ladies and I both persevered and I progressed well. Three years later, I’m “not bad for a new guy.”  I can make it interesting enough that the ladies want to dance with me again.

Within the first month of lessons, I met two different ladies with whom there was a mutual interest.  We visited enough to discern that we weren’t the right people for each other, but we had the chance to learn this.

I have gone on to meet “the lady” and the dance is a part of our combining.  We met online, but due to the fact that she lives 200 miles away, I wanted only to be supportive buddies.  I have friends near her who had just started to learn the Carolina Shag.  I sent her the info for lessons and suggested that she sign up for lessons, in the hopes that she would meet a nice guy.  I had no idea that I might turn out to be that guy. Poor baby… lucky me!

It’s alright with my sweetheart if I dance with the other ladies, and I wouldn’t allow it to be otherwise.  I make a point of attending our club dances in time for the lessons, so I can help the new ladies who want to learn.  It’s my way of thanking all the lovely women who endured my lack of skill and helped me learn the dance.

If you want different results, dear hearts, try a different approach, and make yourselves available.

Moving through the universe allows others to find you, and you’re worth being found!

Happy Trails!


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