Thanksgiving gameThe Thanksgiving tryptophan coma sends our gang – like clockwork — onto the couches way too early into the evening after our late afternoon feast. And frankly, it always feels premature to be that comatose. This year, we’re suggesting a post meal game that could potentially raise us from our stupors.

To shed a little background on our family tradition, my brother-in-law runs our Thanksgiving day schedule like a gentle, loving drill sergeant. He’s been in charge for the past 30 years and we all love what he creates. He is the master baster, chef tete of the turkey fryer, which he runs from the garage, and stuffing aficionado.

All 28 of us are his dutiful guests (17 actually sleep at the house). We each contribute to the meal – I’m in charge of the Brussels, my 3 other sisters have their specialties – as do the cousins and in-laws. We jockey for a spot in the single oven and on the four burners. We come equipped with rubber gloves and we work together all day to make this fabulous feast. Miraculously we gather, dressed and ready for our cocktails and meal by 4 pm sharp.

Ninety minutes later, we are as plumped out as the gobbler, and ready to get horizontal.

So, here are a few thoughts on how to rouse the troops and beat back the bloat.

I’m proposing an adrenalizing game that will keep us as glued together as the stuffing sitting in our guts. This game should be completed by the time the professionally scheduled evening football game kicks off. Expectations are low on selling this idea but hey, if we even get half of our posse to participate it will be a success.

The Turkey Rap Slam Game

The Turkey Rap Slam is not something you eat — it’s something you create. And — you don’t even have to leave the table to make it happen. Even better, it’s easy and your end result is something you can have forever. All you need is willing participants, paper and pen and someone to video tape the finale.

The object of the game is to create a Thanksgiving Rap Slam.  You are welcome to add musical effects (either boom box background or drumming on the pots and pans).

The rap should be at least 6 verses long in order to be interesting — writing a catchy repetitive refrain is totally acceptable.

How To Start:

1. Pass a piece of paper around and everyone adds a line or a few lines to the rap.

2. No theme is required – just start writing and pass that paper Here’s some  suggestions however on topics that you can put on the “header” of the paper to inspire ideas if people feel stuck:

1. Slam about the funniest Thanksgiving story;

2. Slam the food;

3. Slam the family;

4. And slam plenty of gratitude into your rap.

5. Showtime! Hopefully you’ve got some volunteers to perform the finale of your Thanksgiving Party Rap Slam.

Try to get one person willing to video tape the performance. This should be a riot to watch next Thanksgiving. Who knows, your gang may have created the next You Tube viral video or at least, something to laugh at for years to come. Have Fun!

Wishing You All A Happy Healthy Thanksgiving.

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