There is a rallying feeling around saying we are 50 and we are proud to be at this place. This might surprise you but it turns out that being a BA50 is being part of a movement.

This conversation has developed organically and is both self-reflective and energizing.

Today, we are redefining middle age and we are reaching out to others to help us figure out how to make the most of this place we are at.

We are not college students starting out on the ladder of life – we have climbed plenty of rungs and now we see the top – and maybe we stop, look back and re-assess .

Maybe we are seamlessly moving from full nest to empty or maybe we have been derailed by life’s hard knocks – a change in finances, be it sickness, divorce, or loss.

What do we want; what does being 50 and beyond mean?

At BA50 we explore all of this through YOUR VOICES – YOU write the story – YOU share in the dialogue – WE COLLECTIVELY get inspired by you and we begin to feel braver and maybe we hear something that triggers us to try something new.

We want BA50 to be the canvas that this plays out on. OUR PURPOSE at BA50 is to connect with other women by reading their stories on our site; writing your own stories; sharing in conversation through our BA50 Facebook page; joining our new Club BA50 where we will host events and meet-ups that stimulate and inspire our BA50 community.

In entrepreneurship, what makes for success and opens new markets is to create something disruptive – to disrupt the way we have been doing things. This is as simple as Blockbuster to Netflix  or the way we gather information – encyclopedia to wikipedia ; from travel agent to kayak; from telephone to iphone; from email to texting; these are our new tools created because there was a driving force to make change.

And now WE are the Change – Ghandi said,  “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE”.  And so we are doing just this. We are in the act of being the change.

So, how are you responding to being at this new place – being better after 50?

We all know we feel very alive when we move out of our comfort zones and disrupt our day to day and challenge ourselves.

So what does this look like for you? What revs you up?

We are not talking about finding time to do a yoga class or finally putting all your photos into a scrapbook; we are talking about what taps into your soul and adrenalizes you – what is it that gets all your synapses crackling?

We are all here to support each other so send us your favorite links, submit your stories, comment on our articles and be part of the Better After 50 movement.


We’ve earned the wrinkles on our wrinkles, the wisdom that comes with aging and the security of knowing we’ve made it up life’s long ladder – bruises, bumps and all – ready, still for the adventure and change ahead.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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