Mother Of Ali Marpet , Martha Joy Rose Performs and Incredible Piece honoring her son, Ali Marpet,  who played for the winning Tampa Buccaneers. This is incredible!

These are the facts – they do not reflect the situation:

One boy, three sibs, 2 folks, a town-

Small town, one team, one football, six friends

A river.

This is Hastings graduation,

Drive north,

A school, more food, get jacked, play hard-

This is

This is

A successful transition.

The draft, Hobart, second round, 61, television

These are the facts but they do not define the salutation,

6 years, hard work, medical interventions

Now, once here

Bucs totally history-making revelation.

One dog, one Goat, one man, these are the facts they do not explain this recreation.

One girl, brown hair, new Home, St Pete, Tampa, Raymond James-

The Stadium.

Is this a hack? What changes here? We cheer for that?

Is this United Nations?

One poet, black, female, ref, coaches these are the facts and women feel emancipation.

Game time. Crowds, 25,000, Social distance, cardboard, TV, 9 million, these are the facts – and they do not describe our fascination:

55, 74, 12, 323, Let’s applause- this is quite the revelation:

Halftime; Weekend lights up the stadium,

more scores, count points, go for the win, these are the facts and they describe our anticipation.

Connection, gravity, excitement, heartbeat, noise, once in a lifetime, together we are thrilled-

these are the facts.

these are the facts.

Get close to the zone,

Can we please be in communication?

Touch it, sweat, stink, money, success, we all win, (except the losers), but please let us win

With our accommodations:

Ali, praise, Blaze, Brody maze, Brian – Bill prayed, Taylor in the middle of lactation

Maeghan, Josh, Zena, I wave from a distant destination

But, we can all ride on to this

we can ride

we can all ride

without condemnation



historical implications

This is only a fraction of our location

the rest of it, the rest of it, the rest of it

is up to myth, and legacy, a future for which there is no replacement.

This, after all the Super Bowl,

the Apex of all standards. The goal that is the goal, that is the goal, between the posts, between the pocketbook,

between the shoulder pads, between the ears, between the commas, between the experience, for Bruce Arias that

makes the trophy of a lifetime.

More than one.

An entire team.

A city. A state. A country.

A family.

These are the facts.

And to this, we add

Our heartfelt


This is it.

These are the facts

We have arrived

To the place

Of our

happy occupation.

Three cheers

Three cheers

Three and up, four quarters

9 to 31, 4 months for Frankie, one day, one day, one day

has arrived

All in, this day

for the euphoric destination

2021 participation

These are the facts – they can never reflect

Fully, the hard work and the dedication.

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