Angela RipponI can’t help it – I too, am touched by social media (on occasion).

This week our very own ladies from BA50,
that’s in case you have
been living in a cave, shared a post from a site in the UK – ‘White Hot Hair’ where they featured Angela Rippon.

Love the attitude of 71-year old broadcaster Angela Rippon when asked about her fashion choices: “When I was buying my leather trousers I didn’t notice a label in them saying “Only to be worn by twenty somethings.’…The problem is, when you get to my age, the style police say you shouldn’t wear this or that. I say knickers to that!”

DressNordstromQuite honestly, I hear it all the time. Oh, I am too old for leather, let’s leave that to Carrie Underwood…that skinny *#%@*. My response? First – get over it, everybody’s body is different and I find more women are dressing too old than are dressing too young. We have plenty of golden years to wear our Mr. Rogers’ cardigans over our Lanz nightgowns!

Leather is for all ages, because dear readers, as you know I am always talking about your wardrobe by categories. Need a review? Here you go – pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, tops, sweaters, shoes, and accessories. Now there’s 8 categories where you can pop a little leather into your life, look lavishly stylish and not attract the fashion police.

Pants:BananaLet’s shop the 8 to be great ~ or at least give you some ideas by category!

Pants – and no they don’t have to be full leather and they don’t have to be so tight that you need a crowbar to remove them.

SkirtBananaSkirts – again not a second skin – here is a flattering A-line – partial pleather.

Dresses – Mixing the media with pleather trim, ponte knit and classic styling.

Jackets – Now it doesn’t have to be the bomber, although you just might rock that with a silk blouse and a pair of dark wash jeans. It could be something a tad more conservative like a menswear blazer with a pop of pleather on the collar.

JacketBananaTops & Sweaters – Options abound with the choices of leather trim being endless – cuffs, full sleeves, collar bands, even just leather trimmed zippers down the front or the back. Just be open to the idea and the items will appear!

ShoesBananaShoes & more shoes – Whether we are talking flats, pumps, booties or sky high boots, the type of leather, the color and even the finish can vary. Grab a boatload to try before flagging down the sales associate.


Bags – Big bags, little bags, lotsa bags! So many bags, so little time! Here’s a piece of bag candy!

Still have questions on how to break down your wardrobe by category?

My recently published book Confidence Is Always In Style has a 20-page chapter with step by step instructions on how you can edit your closet, control the chaos and fine-tune the categories!

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