As the news unfolds about Covid-19 and it’s impact on our lives we are all figuring out how to live within these constraints.

It feels too permanent to call this the new normal as every day presents a new challenge and how can we give into the word “normal.”

As I think about how significant our BA50 following is, I realize how important we are to each other and the power in numbers and positive thinking between us. Right now our group is strong and growing. There are 100K BA50 monthly website views and 70k instagram followers and almost as many on FB and Pinterest…. you are like-minded women ages 48 to 70 plus years old and now we have one more thing in common. We are a significant at risk target of this virus and in a weird way this gives us another point of connection.

Everyone of us has been touched by this virus and no-one is exempt. Most of us are empty nesters or were…many have kids who are back home. Some have kids on other coasts, and grandchildren who cannot be visited. Many are not able to help aging parents either. These are hard times.

If ever the sandwich generation has been tested it is now.

Some of us are alone and many of us are isolated or feel isolated and the truth is when we connect with our friends, our community, and see the sweet smiles of others on our social media, it’s not a substitute for in-person, but it does help us to feel less alone.

That said, it begs the question of what is the role of BA50 in your lives. We know none of you will come to this site for news about Covid-19, but we do know that many of you come for distraction, humor, relief and to read personal stories by other BA50s and it makes you feel more connected.

Just know we care about each other deeply and we want to help you feel better. So, our content should be seen as an outlet or relief from the daily dose of tough news which we know in our hearts will get better. That’s why we will continue with Fashion Friday with a focus on feeling comfy at home and on Healthy Monday we will focus on food, and nutrition and exercise and your personal stories.

And so if it makes you feel better to check in with us, please do stick with us during this time as we laugh together and make fun of our expanding waistlines, share our favorite memes, stare shockingly or with acceptance at our naturally graying hair and re-visit our thoughts about wishing we had a full house of 20-somethings again.

We invite you to write and share your stories of your time during Covid-19 and send your pieces to me at

We are a community that supports one another and has over the past 8 years. We will get through this better with each other’s humor and creativity.

With love and heart


Founder/Publisher Chief Cook and Bottlewasher

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