Portrait of three mature women smilingHere at Betterafter50, having met and heard from so many single women, we know that loneliness after 50 is a big issue. Some studies have even shown that being lonely can increase your chances of dying early by as much as 26%.

Since loneliness is often triggered by a separation or divorce, it’s natural to think that online dating could help to solve the problem. Unfortunately, there are several reasons to think that “mature dating” sites are, at best, a partial solution to the problem of loneliness after 50. At worse, they may actually make the problem worse. For starters, because of their monthly subscription business model, most dating sites have a fairly limited audience. Most dating sites that focus on older adults have 100,000’s of members, not millions.

While most people over 50 would like to have more meaningful friendships, not everyone is looking for romance.  So, what’s the alternative? How can we meet people who share our interests?

Social networks are a great way to stay connected with people we already know, but they don’t offer opportunities to meet new people. In-person events, like dance classes and yoga, offer fantastic opportunities to meet people, but they require us to step out of our comfort zone.

Some women over 50 need a new way to make friends. That is why we are thrilled to introduce you to Boomerly, a free website (launching officially at noon tomorrow- but see exclusive offer for BA50 readers below) that helps build friendships.  Boomerly is for women who want to surround themselves with friends who are really “right” for them, who understand them, and who share their interests.

Boomerly helps deliver a sense of deeper connection. It’s not superficial like a social network or romance-focused like a dating site. It’s a simple messaging platform that is specifically designed to help older adults find great people who have important things in common with them. We believe that this unique way of communicating and creating friendships with people over 50 has the potential to solve the problem of loneliness,” says Margaret Manning, one of the creators of Boomerly (and a fabulous BA50 fashion writer as well.)

From what we have seen, Boomerly is easy-to-use, fun..and free!

You don’t have to spend lots of time setting up a lengthy profile or entering lots of personal information. Boomerly puts you directly into the most important interactions – sending messages and building relationships with people based on your shared interests. You don’t have to waste time or sort through clutter and spam – you can just start talking with fun people who have important things in common with you.

If you are interested in building new friendships with people who share your interests, check out Boomerly– it officially launches tomorrow, June 5, at noon, but, as a special offer for our Better After 50 community, you can check it out and sign up for free today, before anyone else!  Enjoy some new friendships!

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