I began to tell the story in my blog of August 1st about getting stronger after a physical setback. I’d had a medical issue last year which left me exhausted for the months of June and July. I thought I had Lyme disease but did not.

It took awhile to get diagnosed but with some testing by the endocrinologist it turned out I had Thyroiditis. This particular virus could not be treated with anything but Advil for the headaches and muscle fatigue. That was it! I am not a pill popper, not even Advil, but it was extremely effective in taking the aches away.

But, I was still exhausted. Normally, I’m a 2 to 3 sport a day athlete. And now, I was barely walking my dog for more than 5 minutes and wanting to rush back and lie down.

I wanted my strength back. It was my 30th PMC and I wanted to be strong enough to finish the 86-mile one day ride. I couldn’t imagine how I would ever be able to do it.

I rested, I tried to eat right and I wasn’t getting any stronger. In fact, I was losing weight. I had no idea what to do since no medicine or supplement was recommended.

This summer, as I began my training for the PMC I started to research foods and vitamins that would give me more energy.

I was talking to a few of my biking friends, all in their mid-50’s about supplements and drinks that boost our energy for our training rides. It turns out each has their own cocktail of vitamins and protein powders, and of course caffeine cocktails. I knew I needed some kind of regimen I could easily stick to.

I am not good at taking vitamins regularly, and knew I needed an easy quick drink that would do the trick.

I found Ensure at CVS. The label read like the perfect blend of vitamins I was in need of for my training rides. Since, I get dehydrated easily I was thrilled to see that one 8 oz drink had 370 mg of Potassium and 200 mg of Sodium. Packed with Vitamin C and D and a whole host of other vitamins, I was willing to give it a try.

I tried a few flavors and preferred the Vanilla which is sweet and great over ice.

Frankly, this year, I had my best training rides ever.

I now keep Ensure on hand as my one-stop energy solution for my sports and to “ensure” my muscle health and energy is on track as I know that muscle health is key after 50. As a matter of fact here are a few facts:

Muscle Health

  • Loss of strength and energy may be tied to a sign of aging that we don’t typically discuss: your muscles
  • Muscles can control how tired or energized you feel
  • Starting at age 40, you can start to lose up to 8% of muscle mass per decade. This loss translates to up to 25% of your body’s muscle by 70 years old
  • Your muscles usually account for 50% to 60% of your body weight
  • Muscles play a role in your body’s movement, balance and posture, as well as your metabolism and even facial structure
  • With the right nutrition and exercise, you can prevent or even reverse muscle loss that you may experience as a natural result of aging or a health setback


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