“Thank you for your service.”

Thank you for holding your breath when walking through bus fumes while I was growing inside you.

Thank you for enduring alien like transformation that my growth wrought upon your young body.

Thank you for feeding me from your breast even though you felt weird and yeah thanks for the extra IQ points it gave me.

Thank you for wiping my butt, sopping up my throw up, sucking out my snot and buying me expensive diapers.

Thank you for prioritizing cuddling with me reading a book instead of all of the other priorities weighing on you.

Thank you for planning super fun birthdays, holidays, sleepovers and playdates and documenting them.

Thank you for not murdering the girl who bullied me even though you really really wanted to.

Thank you for tolerating my daily abusive, cruel and painfully accurate comments during my teen years understanding that I needed something strong to rebel against.

Thank you for laying awake at night thinking about my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual health and well being and how you can be helpful.

Thank you for allowing me to choose my destiny and financing it.

Thank you for dropping everything whenever I call and making me your top priority even though I’m a grown up now.

Thank you for accepting that I’m a completely different (and more pleasant) person to every else besides you because I know that nothing I say or do to you will affect your love for me and I sometimes exploit that.

Thank you for all of the unnoticed actions, thoughts, prayers and love directed toward me that are so infinite they can never be listed here.

Thank you allowing me to be your spiritual guide to evolve your heart, mind and soul in ways that could never be described.

Thank you for joining the army of motherhood.

“Thank you for your continued service.”

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