I am still on a trip with a girlfriend to Paris and London so I can’t write much for now.

For the first time I traveled without my computer so I’m having a hard time without my keyboard… However, I wanted to share a few shots of eye candy items that I loved at Bon Marche in Paris.

I also want to post this video because we stopped in the Dior store and although it is not a museum… For us it was.

There’s so much to see in Paris and I will be writing more about it next week. Here’s a few gems that caught my eye, admittedly I bought none of them but admired them all.

There’s so much style in this city. I am always amazed at how they display and curate.

The first thing I did was buy a felt yellow hat… which i wore every day. My favorite color yellow is everywhere…on the streets, on the walls in the home section. Pottery is all the rage.

Yellow clothing

Yellow ceramic plate

Yellow ceramic mug

Yellow pottery vases

Yellow Kettles

Yellow light fixture

Yellow building in Paris

yellow pants

The other thing I noticed is a juvenile fascination with child like chunky beads. I know that sounds a little judgmental but these are literally the little chicklet beads strung with a needle and thread by someone sitting in the department store making anklets to put on $600 sneakers.

chunky beads


Tres amusante! Un peu folle!

Caesar Salad

I added here a photo of this incredible Caesar salad I had in the department store for lunch. The egg had a runny yolk… The chicken was tender and lightly breaded… And it came with three strips of bacon which I don’t eat that were freshly made. The dressing was a secret recipe and sadly I cannot share it because I couldn’t get it. oh and need I mention crusty chewy bread that I used to mop up the extra dressing.

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