For my mom, the health and wellness guru


The phrase “your body is a temple” could well have been invented by my mother, who lives by it everyday. She looks great for her age and is always exercising, making healthy choices, and generally being the supportive anchor to our family. I want to give back and help her enjoy a little downtime with this delightful full-length robe, lovingly made from 100 percent silk. She’ll like the gorgeous vanilla hue best, and I hope it makes her feel special and loved (she really deserves it).

For my father, the beer enthusiast


I’m constantly impressed by how creative my dad is. He’s always in the garage, working away to craft beautiful wooden furniture and fix rogue electronics, and I think he would really enjoy making his own artisanal ale with this rustic pine homebrewing kit. It yields eight frosty 16-ounce beers, comes with eight reusable flip-top bottles to house the good stuff (no lids needed), and the whole brewing process only takes two weeks from start to finish. I can’t wait to see his eyes light up.

For my brother, the timeless investor


He’s a vinyl aficionado, with a collection that numbers over one hundred records—but currently relying on a bulky, outdated record player with terrible sound quality to enjoy them all. This portable, USB-connected device is, quite frankly, the coolest-looking turntable I’ve ever seen. Each is designed to reflect that beautiful vintage aesthetic, and interfaces with any USB on your computer to convert beloved vinyl into digital MP3s. With three speeds and the ability to play 7, 10, and 12-inch records, I think he’s going to have a whale of a time DJing New Year’s Eve and beyond…

For my sister, the design queen


My sister is a true paragon of style. I’ve raided her closet since birth, and always make sure to look my sharpest when I see her (she can be brutal). I definitely can’t get her any old thing, so I’m going with this gorgeous jewelry box that will hold all her statement pieces. Crafted in Barcelona using traditional craftsmanship, each meticulously-detailed case took nearly two years to develop. It’s available in sustainable walnut or maple, and protected by a wafer-thin layer of water varnish that captures the wood’s natural beauty. I think I might just have out-styled her this time.

For my aunt, the beauty expert


Just like my mom, my lovely aunt takes really good care of herself. She’s massively into anything that will make her look younger, glossier, or even more beautiful than she already is. I’ve found just the thing. Precision-crafted by skin experts in California, this facial cleaning device wins the title of Ultimate Beauty Hack (AHA customers love it, and I hear the results are phenomenal). Using a powerful spinning motion, it works gently into pores to get rid of dirt, dead skin, and makeup residues, while the accompanying UV lamp eradicates 99.9% of bacteria on the brush. Just a few minutes each day gives fast results, so I know she’s going to be overjoyed with her smooth, ultra-polished, and regenerated complexion.

For my sister’s husband, the audiophile


My brother-in-law has a great collection of expensive headphones, but it’s a mess right now—wires are everywhere, with no good place to put them. He can display his best model on this sleek aluminum stand that not only looks minimal and stylish, but also includes an in-base USB port that charges iPhones and iPads. To complete the package is a buttery soft leather saddle that protects headphones from scratching, and supports all headphone sizes. It’s decently priced for how good looking and useful it is, and my sister will thank me for eliminating the untidiness in their home.

For my grandmother, the sentimental one


My grandma is wonderful, and a true matriarch—always happiest sat in her favorite chair, sipping a cup of tea surrounded by family. To reflect her loving nature, I’ll be giving her these lavender and cedar-scented Grandma and Grandpa Candles, which are one of a kind and handmade from 100-percent organic soy wax and essential oils. They are so charming in their pretty metal tin and, when lit, their wooden wicks crackle just like a cozy fireplace. The perfect ambience for this devoted lady.

For my grandfather, the traditionalist


My grandpa has always loved our family get-togethers, but in recent years has taken to enforcing a cellphone ban (we are all pretty awful for being glued to our phones—I blame my brother-in-law as the main culprit!). He’ll definitely appreciate this clever invention. Created by a Hawaiian native who decided everyone should leave their phones at the door just like we do our shoes, this handmade storage unit mounts right onto the wall, with slots for four phones and one tablet. It comes in a great range of classic colors, and means we can all disconnect and truly enjoy each other’s company.

For my nephew, the six year old


He’s a pretty smart kid, and loves coming up with his own inventions—perhaps he’s going to be an engineer one day? Anyway, I’ll challenge him to build the robot of his dreams using this app-controlled kit that comes with wheels, axles, motors, building blocks, and a USB charger for hours of uninterrupted creativity.

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