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8 Best Weight Loss Drinks

Certain drinks such as green tea, coffee and ginger tea may help boost metabolism, minimize hunger and increase satiety, all of which can facilitate weight loss. Additionally, these beverages contain beneficial nutrients like antioxidants and other powerful compounds that can benefit your health. Replacing high-calorie beverages like soda and fruit juice with the drinks listed above is a smart way to cut calories and help you achieve your weight loss goals. Here are the 8 Best Weight Loss Drinks.......

Featured on Relationship Thursday


Forging an Adult Relationship with my Daughter

‘She’s such a bitch.’             ‘Everything I say annoys her.’             ‘Nothing I do is right.’             ‘She’s only nice to me when she needs money.’             ‘What happened to my sweet little girl?’ Do these laments sound familiar?  They do to me because at some point since my daughter, Britt, went to college, graduated and  moved to New York City  I have uttered each one. But over the past twelve years I have found myself lamenting less and enjoying her more. Why? Did she change? Or did I? A bit of both but weighted much more heavily on me.  I’m not sure if it was a conscious decision but I think this complaining about my adult daughter diminished when I started to view her for what she is in that order: ADULT then DAUGHTER. Once I changed my perspective to treat her as an adult first, my daughter second, our relationship became much less strained and tenuous. ...
Ginny Poleman

“You Are Loved, Damnit!” A Lesson From The Universe For This Single Divorcée

Last month, I borrowed my ex-husband’s car to visit my son, daughter-in-law, and their little guy (read about becoming a grandmother here). As soon as I arrived at the parking garage, the attendant said, “I’m sorry, but the car’s dead.” My ex immediately answered the phone when I called, arranged for a jump, and said, “call me along the way.” He called me while I was driving, “everything okay? Call me when you get there.” Pleased that he was concerned, I thought he was being dramatic. “I fine. I’m will.” But I never got there. The car wouldn’t restart at the rest stop forty-five minutes from my destination. My ex gave me the info I needed to get the car on the road again and where to drop it off. “Call me if you have any problems.” My bestie, Sonia, sat on the phone with me until the car service showed up. Finally, on my way back into the city, I held my breath, clenched my butt cheeks, and drove the ninety-minute ride feeling sorry for myself. I missed feeling taken care of by my husband like he did so many years ago. I knew I didn’t want to be married to him, but then damnit, why am I crying?...
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A Parent’s Perspective: What….Wear an Emergency Alert Necklace!

“You live the closest.  How about you call every morning just to make sure she is okay.” “Am I the ‘she’ you are talking about?” I asked walking in with a tray of appetizers. And then, with a tinge of anger in my voice, “If so, don’t you dare appoint anyone as responsible for checking on me.” Uh oh!  Realizing I had initiated a palpable tension in the room, I offered a feeble laugh. “Guys, I’m not anywhere near there yet. I promise I won’t be the lady crying, ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,’ from the bottom of the cellar steps.” Throughout dinner, I remained cheerful, happy to have my children, their spouses and my grandchildren enjoying the meal I had made for them.  I wanted to remind them that I had shopped, cooked, cleaned the house, and stood on a stepstool to get the good china from the top shelf of the breakfront.  All by myself. That evening, in bed with a magazine, I felt guilty that I had snapped at my children.  I’d been living alone since the last of my four children married ten years ago. Why their sudden concern? And why my failure to graciously accept a plan to “make sure Mom was okay.” I remembered how “difficult” my mother became as she got older. She almost never wore the hearing aids we insisted she needed.  How often I stood outside ringing her doorbell, pounding on the door, and calling her phone with no response.  I knew she was home; I could hear the blaring television. I’d resort to walking around the house and banging on one of her living room windows....

Saying Yes To Separate Marital Bed Responses Blew My Mind…What Did You Think?

I was blown away by the response to the post we published last week on BA50, Marcia Byalick's "Marriage Everlasting In Separate Bedrooms." The post literally went viral. There have been 60K views on our BA50 Instagram and BA50 Facebook  and the comments poured in... including a rousing... The honesty of our readers' comments were fascinating with so many sharing their own sleep arrangements both separate and not.  I wanted to share some of my thoughts on this topic and am inviting you all to share yours as well. I truly was surprised and curious to learn more when I read the comments by so  many who were also happier in separate bedrooms and still have healthy marriages.  This was news to me and struck a chord as well.  First of all, there is the judgement piece.  There are many topics about our marriages that we prefer not to share because who wants to be judged, so I was thrilled Marcia took on this topic. And, the truth is, I learned from this post....
Lynn Walsh

Our Friend Has Died

It’s been almost two months since my friend Tommy fell to the floor at his friend’s house in Milton, Delaware and suffered a fatal heart attack. What began as a typical evening of socializing among these transplanted Delawareans turned deadly in a split second. Hardly the picture of health- Tommy was overweight, a smoker; nevertheless, no one expected death to strike so suddenly and violently. At age 63, Tommy was just a year older than me, making him my first contemporary to pass. And leaving me unsettled in ways I am trying to comprehend. Countless others have written volumes about death and loss and grief far more eloquently than I, and yet the questions remain. How do we get past the grief: mine, ours, Janet’s? I tell myself what I tell my suffering patients: There is no way around grief, only through it. Navigating this level of loss means something different to every person experiencing it. For me, I will begin by remembering Tommy, his antics, and his goodness, and I will say his name. I will remind myself and Janet that grief is not linear, nor is it predictable. It is indiscriminate in its assaults. ...

Featured on Fashion Friday

Arya Solid Tankini Top

Celebrating Her Age In Style In a Swimsuit: Alison B Janney Rocks!

We all have role models. And, mine is my Nana Edith who lived In Style and with ageless confidence and a spring in her step into her 90's. When I catch a glimpse of myself eating cleanly, walking the stairs a few extra laps, listening with full intention and using my Ponds Cold Cream at night - I smile and thank my Nana Edith. I know I carry her with me everywhere for inspiration, strength and a sense of humor. So, it's not the celebrities and actresses who are my role models but they add to my arsenal of aging power when they embrace their age publicly, which many more do now. More and more celebs who are over 50 and 60 and beyond are now talking about their age on social media and many marvel that they are in their later decades and feel playful, wiser and sexy. How is that not good for we BA50's? Recently I saw a photo of Alison Janney on her instagram in a red bathing suit and it made me smile. Forgive me that her IG post is a few years old, but I just found it. Janney, in her early 60's by now is as inspiring as ever. So, many women hate the bathing shopping ordeal so I decided to fetch a few more for you all after seeing Allison Janney in her fabulous red one piece. Here's what a little surfing turned up -- pardon the pun!...
Felice Shapiro

9 Products That Work To Make My Dry Hi-lighted Hair Silky Smooth

If you have fine hair and want it to look silky smooth, full or body and fresh you will want to watch this video and learn from Hairdresser Meika. She has worked on the Celebrities on Yellowstone, Disney Films, Diane Keaton, Sharon Stone and little ole me. She's got pearls for us girls. Here's 9 products I learned about from Meika and how to use them. This interview was so much fun and my friend Carlene filmed it - we both were amazed at how much we learned even at our age of incredible wisdom.... Here you go........