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My Dog’s Spirit Animal

I was screaming at Siri who had conveniently decided to stop talking to me while I was lost on one of the busiest highways outside of Boston. That’s why I declined my daughter’s call when it came through the first time. When she immediately called back, All I heard was, “MOM DON'T HANG UP!” My first thought was I am such a bad mother that my daughter would actually say that to me. It was followed by my daughter’s hysterical sobbing, “Lucy ran away and may have been hit by a car....

Last Call Before Surgery

In a few days I’m going in for six hours of abdominal surgery. My friends ask, are you worried? Not consciously. When I focus on the logistics, I fully trust those charged with taking care of me. Am I anxious? Not really. My hands are warm, my heartbeat regular, my stomach fine. That’s not to say I’m in a comfortable state. It’s the waiting, the anticipation that’s doing me in....
Nutcracker Ballet

Lost In A Nutcracker Fantasy And Other Couch Travels

We wandered to the kitchen as the TV kept on, and when we returned to the couch, there was Hoda, narrating the Nutcracker story performed by the Boston Ballet.. Without a verbal redirect, Bill and I settled in and ate our bowl of turkey chili and watched Clara and her Nutcracker prince dance. Bill is not a ballet nut to my knowledge and I go once a year with my birthday twin to Alvin Ailey with our posse....

Featured on Relationship Thursday

Friends Toasting at Thanksgiving Dinner

Prepare for Your College Student’s Return for the Holidays

If you missed this New York Times piece, it's a must read for kids coming home from college. "Plan out the trip home and set ground rules for safe socializing. And remember that they’ve had a tough year, too, so give them the space to talk about it. “Rates of anxiety, depression and general malaise among my college patients have never been this bad, even compared to after 9/11,” said Dr. Julia Turovsky, a clinical psychologist in Chatham, N.J....

Featured on Fashion Friday


Give the Gift of Jewelry Starting at Only $18

If you have women on your holiday shopping list, you can't go wrong with buying them a piece of contemporary jewelry. On-trend this season are chain necklaces and bracelets, including ones with initial pendants, toggle closures, chunky designs, and paperclip styles. There is something for everyone on your list (maybe even yourself) in my top pics for earrings, bracelets and necklaces starting at only $18....
Air Fryer and Apron

Gifts for the Home this Holiday Season

With everyone cooking and eating at home more than ever, a great gift idea this holiday season is something to be enjoyed in the kitchen or dining room. A new dutch oven, cooking appliance or apron for the at-home chef will be well appreciated and put to good use this winter. Read on for my suggestions for holiday gifts for the home bound to be a big hit this year. ...
LLBean Snowshoe Package $179

Let’s Have Some Outdoor Fun this Winter

Being outdoors this winter will be the best and safest way to exercise and socialize with friends and extended family. Getting fresh air is also good for our mental health, which is a big plus, especially now. There are so many fun outdoor activities to do in the winter including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating, and of course walking. There is something for everyone in my top picks for outdoor fun this winter. ...