mothers day gifts for tech savvy momsDear Boys:

Lest you think I’m slowing down – forget about it. I’m no old Mom.

I consider you both to be the perfect biking, skiing, golfing, dinner, and just hanging out buddies. Actually, in case you didn’t know – time with you guys is still my favorite. Hey, I know it wasn’t always that way. Handing you both off to the babysitter and heading out on a Saturday night when you were just kids was my relief.

But, that was then.

I used to feel that I had so much to teach you guys but now it seems that the tables are turning.

Lately I am feeling like I’m playing catch up on technology, music and etymology to name a few… Thanks for filling in so many of my voids on so many subjects.

I am awed by how cleverly you guys navigate your way around the internet– pulling up great videos, awesome music and news of the day. Love when you send me links to your fave stuff — — I’m learning from you both.

I am so lucky that you are both great at staying connected. Snapchats, texting, What’s App, Insta and real time talk. So why do we even need Mother’s Day?

We don’t… BUT…since Hallmark has designated Mother’s Day as a time to focus just on Mom – let’s just go with it.

I hope it’s as fun for you to get me a new toy as it was for me to get you yours.

So– after we ritualistically plant a few flowers and I read your amazing Mother’s Day cards –which I treasure — I’m ready to try on some new techno toy.

Turns out this year, I’ve got plenty of stuff on my list. I was hoping to guilt your step-dad into buying me a few of these items under the guise of Mother’s Day but he reminds me I’m not his Mom. Details!

Hey – you’ve both got big jobs – how about a few goodies for MOI.

Oh you didn’t know I wanted stuff? –You thought I’d say – save your money for a rainy day. You thought I’d say – I’m downsizing, been cleaning out both your closets and mine too. Well, that may be true but that doesn’t mean I’m not gunning for a new tech toy.

Despite being a hip sporty mom, I will admit to getting on in years. That said, I need to stay fit and sharp and that requires some techno support.

So here’s a few items I thought could keep me “current.” I apologize that some of these items are expensive but they sure look amazing. (Sorry to be acting like the kid).

Here’s the Wish List:

  1. Being together. With everyone’s crazy schedules and geographically challenged lifestyles – being together is always the #1 best Mother’s Day gift and frankly that is truly enough of a gift – HOWEVER ….

Just in case you were thinking of a purchase…

2.   I want to upload stuff quickly like you guys. I think this will get me there. I saw this new Tablet just came out: Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ (Wi-Fi, 16GB) tablet.

amazon kindle

My kindle is old – I can’t carry my laptop everywhere. This one is sleek, light and state of the art. What do you think?

3.  No tangle ear buds. I always wear ear buds but they are tangled deep in my bag. How about these for $10 bucks?

headphone organizer

and while your at it –

4.  I could use an upgrade to my ear buds!  The ones that come free with my Iphone are just ok – so how about these Bose ones. I know they are good (because you both have them!)

bose headphones

5.  Ten Thousand Steps in Style, with a dressed up the Fit Bit. I want to know how many steps I take every day and I wouldn’t mind doing it in style. Did you know Tory Burch makes a stylin Fit bit – Not bad – what do you think?


Or I also love this one step clip on fit bit (just under $100) — it just saves me a step so I don’t have to upload anything – I love the instant gratification of an on-the spot “goal reached”

clip on fitbit

6.  How far to the hole? Which club should I use? Perhaps an accuracy upgrade for my golf game may help? I heard a Golf Watch is just the thing –Do you think I could play better with this one?

golf watch for mothers day

7.  Activity Tracker for My Bike:

Are we there yet? Where the hell am I? These are questions that haunt me when biking on new roads. Keep me on short leash with this great GPS bike tracker (just under $100).

activity tracker for bicycle

8.  Oy, my aching back!

When it’s affordable to get an AI, I want one. (that’s artificial intelligence robot)– If you didn’t see Ex Machina (the new sci-fi flick about AI’s — go ASAP).

Until then, because I am so focused on staying fit, I was thinking that a robot to clean the house would be just the thing. More time to play and less time on chores that age me.

I found this great vacuum made by Irobot, “The Roomba” ($474.99). What do you think?

roomba irobot

9. Why does it seem as though I lose everything these days…my wallet, my keys, my car…my DOG?!? The Tile is a wonderful small device that helps you during those “senior moments” when you don’t feel like digging deep within the vast compartments of your memory to figure out where you left something. If you will miss “it,” you’ll love having the Tile.

device to help you find your lost possessions


But no worries if you don’t get around to shopping because frankly – gadgets come and go and batteries die and we all know that toys break.

What matters to me most is your presence. That is the most valuable gift I could ever receive.

I Love you both,



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