After50BikeDr. Christiane Northrup, in her newest book, “Goddesses Never Age” has coined the phrase “Ageless Goddess”.  I love it. And trust me, if you are past the age of wanting babies, raising a family and settling down – you might want to explore dating a woman ‘of a certain age’ because so is she.  A woman over 50 has a new list of priorities; and she is won’t waste your time.  By mid life, a woman knows what she is seeking in a lover; and she is either in or she is out.

What You Need to Know About Dating an Ageless Goddess:
1. An Ageless Goddess won’t waste your time.  They are either in or they’re out.
2.  An Ageless Goddess knows what they want and know how to communicate those desires. If the holes in their head don’t fit the horns on yours – you will know pretty fast.3. Older women are seasoned; and they won’t dump you at the first sign of trouble.

4. We don’t have an endless list of needs. Our requirements have shortened since our 20’s. We may not be looking for marriage, a picket fence or even your paycheck. We have most of that figured out. But if you want to take us to dinner and dancing: we are open. Women of “Of a Certain Age” are looking for a ‘pleasure partner’.

5.  An Ageless Goddess isn’t so worried about your bald head (in fact she very likely might find it HOT), or your soft belly. In fact your imperfections may be a relief. She can take off her spandex.

6. She is less concerned about your erection than your ability to give her pleasure and attention. You can relax. An Ageless Goddess has a curiosity about life, pleasure and sexuality that is fresh and emerging.  She may very well be more open and ready to explore sexuality in many different ways.  She may be the perfect partner to explore you darker desires with, or erotic massage.

7. An Ageless Goddess is ready to let go of societal expectations about who she is suppose to be, and how she should express herself. Got a fantasy? Tell it to her. An Ageless Goddess may be very open to exploring lots of different scenarios that go way beyond mechanics.  How do you want to express intimacy? She is ready.

8. An Ageless Goddess has a kind of freedom that she may not have had in her 20’s and 30’s.  She has a ‘pick up and go’ ability that she might not have enjoyed in the days of building a career or family and she is ready to play.  Are you?

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