Virtual Reality Gets Naughty…Did that title get your attention? It got mine.

This past weekend’s front page New York Times Style Section article isn’t just about how Virtual Reality (VR) is being used for porn, it’s about an experiential technology that has potential to move us into another world. Apart from the cheap thrills, fun and games, VR is destined to be the new drug of choice. And anyone can buy a device.

Can you imagine putting on VR glasses and entering a room and experiencing something so real you thought you were there?

Virtual Reality is all about vivid interactivity and a 360 degree cinematic experience. Travel to South Africa without leaving the country. Go to a dance party by yourself in your own living room or walk on the moon. I’m not talking about Shut Up And Dance but you certainly could rock out to a live band in your bedroom with your VR device.

All this sounds fun with plenty of benefits. However, there are risks of nonstop access to fantasy?

My husband and I were talking about the risks for addictive people, lonely people, for people who are seeking dopamine highs, or are looking to become part of a community. For them, Virtual Reality is destined to be the new drug of choice.

If people are using it to create relationships with porn stars, (read this NY Times Piece) to access intimacy and to use it for social interaction, this is scary stuff.

I don’t even want to think about terrorist recruiting and training.

The fabricated clarity from VR in effect blurs our reality. Doesn’t it seem inevitable that for the weak-minded, VR can easily blur the difference between what is real and not real? Perhaps even blurring what is permissible in society and what is out-of-bounds?

A VR device may be on our XMAS list but be careful who you give it to and make sure you are aware that this device may cause:

  1. Slippage from reality;
  2. Cybersickness. The symptoms are similar to motion sickness, nausea, headaches and sweating;
  3. Dangerous for children between ages 2 to 12 years as it can have the effect of hallucinating;
  4. May have a negative impact on memory;
  5. May cause social isolation;
  6. Marital Challenges. Is it cheating to have a relationship with a digital avatar?
  7. May alter your brain chemistry;
  8. May affect sleep.

Read this New York Times piece and we would love to know whether you would buy one or not.







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