If you have noticed your cholesterol has increased, if you have have been told it’s time to take a statin…should you? Perhaps you are hoping to change your diet and exercise first. Perhaps you don’t understand statins and how they will effect you?

Well more and more women over 50 and 60 are facing this issue and we have heard you — so here’s what you need to know.

Following is a post and podcast by Barbara Hannah Grufferman who interviews expert Dr. Melissa Tracy.

Barbara: Are you navigating the complexities of postmenopause and noticing a perplexing rise in your cholesterol levels, despite doing everything by the book?

This was my reality in 2023. My total cholesterol had just edged over 200, and a Coronary Calcium Score Test – a quick, affordable, and non-invasive method to detect arterial plaque – revealed a figure in the double digits. Not alarmingly high, but significant enough for my healthcare provider to recommend statins, the most frequently prescribed medication across the United States. My initial response? A resolute “No way!”

But then, a thorough exploration of the topic and a pivotal conversation with Dr. Margaret Nachtigall, the esteemed medical director of Menopause Cheat Sheet and a reproductive endocrinologist at NYU Langone Health, transformed my staunch refusal into an informed acceptance. Here’s the crux: statins not only effectively lower cholesterol, including the notorious ‘bad’ LDL, but also serve as an anti-inflammatory agent – a crucial aspect considering the significant inflammatory component in heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, it’s critical to remember that heart disease remains the leading cause of death among women.

While embracing statins, I encountered a whirlwind of skepticism, confusion, and myths. Naturally, I sought out a top expert to demystify the situation, focusing on the vital question: who should seriously consider statin therapy?

I invite you to listen to an insightful episode of the AGE BETTER podcast, where I engage in a compelling discussion with Dr. Melissa Tracy from the RUSH Medical Center in Chicago. We delve into the evolution of women’s cardiovascular health during and post-menopause and the transformative role statins can play in this journey. You can listen to the full episode here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/age-better-with-barbara-hannah-grufferman/id1623436268?i=1000649685220 OR watch in on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/39rEEZ_wHKc?si=2o_T9nVfPDH-CirHBarbara Hannah GruffermanPresident, Best of Everything MediaBooks, Videos, Newsletters, Podcasts, Live Events

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