When Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti, co-creators of Camp Reinvention reached out to me to partner and help spread the word about their Camp Reinvention workshop launching this March 24th, I was thrilled. A workshop to help women over 50 move forward and embrace change is right in the mission sweet spot of BA50’s wheelhouse. So, I agreed to post an interview to share with you all. I think the program sounds great. Have a listen and see what you think.

“Over the past two years over 100 women have participated and their lives have been transformed,” says Wendy in this interview. 

Wendy shares with us how their 4 stage, 12-week process which includes calls with experts, coaching and support is designed.  

If you would like to learn more about Camp Reinvention’s Success Accelerator you can watch the free seminar below by clicking the link. And, to sign up for the program please find the link below.


We’ve got you covered! Reclaim the best of you – body, mind and spirit – in this incredibly robust one-of-a-kind program. Starts March 24th!

Register here.

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