Continuously updating your wardrobe to match every fashion sensation can be costly each season. There are ways for you to still look stylish without blowing your entire paycheck on the latest trends. The following are 7 tips on how to maximize your clothing allowance while adding to your wardrobe.

Invest in the Basics

Fashion trends continuously change every season. If you’re trying to keep up, you could be spending a fortune updating the latest spring colors for your nails, hair, tops, dresses, shoes and bottoms. You can reinvent your look by investing in some well-suited basics. While you may want to go with a trendy jacket that has ornate piping, choose something classic such as gray or black. You can also always jazz up basic colors with ornate accessories or a bold blouse. To avoid spending additional funds on having your favorite designers clothes altered, you need to make sure your clothes fit properly when you initially purchase the items.

Purchase Quality Merchandise

Discount stores and outlet malls are ideal for getting the most bang for your buck. However, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for the best price. Excellent craftsmanship, attitude and style are important considerations when selecting western boots to match skinny jeans or a high-low cotton dress. Pay special attention to the construction by inspecting the seams and embroidery, so your deal doesn’t end being a waste of money.

Buy During the Postseason

If you have a clothing budget, you can use your funds to purchasing merchandise during the postseason sales. Items such as jewelry, shoes, accessories and clothing basics can be found at the end of the season for a discounted price. Shop wisely and find useful items that allow you to build up your wardrobe for both work and leisure.

Peruse the Local Thrift Store

Thrift stores and resale shops have amazing finds. But you need to invest some time perusing the goods. Take a morning or afternoon to sift through the racks and search for clothes that will complement your current wardrobe and for a fraction of the price. Many resale shops and thrift stores have some amazing designer options that can be revitalized when paired with updated accessories or shoes.

Freshen Up Your Look with Accessories

Headbands, printed scarves and bold jewelry can freshen up the look of any of your outfits. Depending on the way you wear the item or its placement, you can transform clothing that you’ve had hanging in your wardrobe closet. Accessories can be costly, so you want to shop the clearance racks and sales bins for colorful items that can boost a tired closet.

Use Promotional Codes

Paying full price for merchandise in today’s bargain based world is unheard of. Before you head to the store or you make your purchases through an online retail establishment, you want to search for the latest promotional and coupon codes. Whether you can secure an item for half-off or you can enjoy a 30 percent discount off your entire total, the savings can quickly add up. The discounts also leave more room for you to spend money on additional clothes and accessories.

Change Your Handbag

If you pack the same purse or tote every day, change-up your handbag. Switching to something in a bright hue or bold pattern can really boost the look of your outfit. If you pack a professional and chic tote for work, you can easily switch your look to a glamorous bag that shimmers for nighttime. The material may also be different dependent on the seasons. While leather is ideal for fall and winter, cloth bags in a shade of pink, yellow or lavender can liven up your look for spring and summer.

Updating your look to match the season’s hottest trends shouldn’t leave you broke. With some creativity and planning, you can update your closet without compromising your style and budget.

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