curvygirlssmlAs a personal stylist, I’ve probably heard all of the ‘ER’ questions that are asked. But these 2 are the most common amongst curvy gals.

How can I look slim-ER?

How can I look tall-ER?

Mind you curvy comes in all sizes from a 2 to Plus size. It simply means that your hourglass shape is defined as shoulders and hips being wider than your waist. That’s not a bad thing Marilyn!

There are styling tips that help with the ‘ER’ questions that can be put into practice no matter your shape, size or height and they can be broken down into 7 categories – let’s call them the Lucky 7 as the number 7 is always lucky!


#1 – The Fit

If you have read my book you know I am not a fan of ‘draping’. When it comes to your wardrobe, draping is defined as loosely fitting tents of sorts. Curvy gals often time try to hide their curves. What – why would we do that? Curves rock, so let’s show them some respect. Let’s find a happy medium in between draping and clinging. Clinging can show lumps, bumps and bulges and draping can make the smaller areas look larger! Look for a fit that accentuates the assets and disguises the liabilities. The tailor is your friend. If you need to size up to accommodate the shoulders or the hips, be sure to have a tailor add a few nips and tucks so the rest of the garment is flattering.

#2 The Support

Support your assets with a great bra! Go for a professional bra fitting to make sure you are completely contained – that means all the breast tissue. And remember your bras are the hardest working items in your wardrobe – treat them with respect. Rotate daily, hand wash them maybe in a bit of lavender wash and hang them to dry. They should never make their way to the dryer – ever! 



#3 The Silhouette

Need curves? Then use shaped clothing to add them. Want to add volume to the bottom half, consider A-line skirts or pleated trousers. This also accentuates your waist by defining the smallest part of your body. Want to add volume to the top, choose silhouettes that have ruffles, layers or shoulder pads.

#4 The Layering

By layering strategically you can slim down your proportion quite effectively. This season’s long sleeveless vests and shawl collar cardigans have been all the rage as they can conceal the widest parts of your body. Also the asymmetrical hemlines on tops and dresses reduce the harshness of the horizontal lines.

#5 The Proportion



It’s all about balance baby! If you are fuller-on-the-top then let’s call attention to your bottom half by adding color, texture, shine, horizontal lines or design elements, and thin layering that skims the hips.

If you are fuller-on-the-bottom then let’s darken up that hemisphere and draw the eye upward by adding eye-catching accessories, great hair or makeup, striking colors or collar/shoulder embellishments.

#6 The Color

Monotone rocks and medium-dark to dark colors create a slimming effect. Try to not break the color story with any horizontal lines unless you have that hourglass shape and you want to accentuate the waistline, then by all means either don shaped garments that cinch the waist or belt away! Stick to matte fabrics, as anything shiny adds volume.

#7 The Shoes

sassypluswoman-560x840-1Shoes tell a story and add frosting to any outfit. They can also be the demise of a good outfit. Make sure your shoes don’t enter the room before you, meaning that they are so heavy they could sink the Titanic. Lighten it up a bit with sleeker toe boxes and less in the sole. If you want a longer, leaner looking leg – then go nude. If you want your bottom half to be in the black zone, then all black it should be including the hosiery thereby keeping the line clean and slim.

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